The Cute Boy

14 December

Okay, here it goes. :P

For the past month or so, I've been talking with a certain guy online. He lives here in Little Rock, too (and actually, not too far from where I live.) And he's great. He's kinda quiet, but vocal when presented with a subject he's passionate about (just like me.) So that's rad. He's quite the gentleman concerning me, and he's highly respectful of who I am as a human being. <3

He stands several centimetres taller than me (thank jeebus), and he's got an adorable smile, which he doesn't show in ANY of his Facebook profile photos (utter shame.) Maybe I can coerce him to take a good selfie with me the next time we're together? We'll see. :P He has a fuzzy face and a buzzed head of hair (which I LOVE), and it tickles like crazy when he grazes my arm with his beard. I get all sorts of tingly feelings all over upon this happening. He's warm, and I'm cold. So, it's the perfect mix in terms of physicality. It's wonderful. He's wonderful.

As for his background, he's from North Carolina (I almost was as well) and has served in the U.S. Air Force. I have immense amounts of respect for that aspect of him — even though I know he's very happy that part of his life is over and done. I've enjoyed listening to the few stories he's told me about the different tours he went on since serving, and I'm sure I'll learn more about it the further we go along in getting to know each other. I look forward to it.

There is a bit of mystery with him, however. I'm not sure if this stems from his introversion and quiet nature, or if it's some other specific aspect I'm not aware of just yet, but it makes him incredibly fascinating. Maybe I'll be able to break that down. Daunting task, possibly? ;)

I genuinely like him. It's such a crazy notion that I could ever emotionally like a boy as I do...considering my stance of how I felt about that all pre-transition. I remember Leah asking me during the night that I came out to her about being trans, and one of the first questions she asked was, "So, does this mean you like men?" My response was a passionate (at the time), "Hell no. Boys are disgusting. Gross. Penises are 'ugh.'  If, and ONLY if, something concerning that changes as I transition, then I'll cross that path when I get there." I've enjoyed stepping over that path. :)

It's interesting how that aspect of me has changed so drastically. Physically, I'm immensely attracted to the male gender now. With women, which I'm still attracted to, it's more of a style and substance, emotional attraction. It's hard to describe, really. But with men, no's all physical. Oh my, is it ever.

I look forward to seeing how this continues with the cute boy. I like him...quite a bit. I'm hoping he feels the same in return. I think he does.

The feels. Every flipping time. :)
See ya, space cowboy. <3

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