Not a Little Past Little Rock

12 December

Photo courtesy of Lorraine Stigar
I love living in Little Rock, Arkansas.

It's not too terribly big of a city (around 300,000), but I still love it the same as any other huge metropolitan area I've visited in the past. I feel safe here. Which is quite ironic to say considering Little Rock cracks 2015's top 10 most dangerous cities for high violent crime per capita. Crazy.

I love the different neighbourhoods — Hillcrest, The Heights, Chenal Valley, the downtown area, etc. It's wonderful, all of it. There's so much variety here, I go crazy for every single facet of it. And lots of different people to boot! Little Rock is probably the most, or even only, liberal and progressive city in the state. Love it. Even each of the Kroger stores in each different area feel different. It's so silly to think that, but they do. There's "Hipster Kroger," "White-privilege Kroger," and even "Death Star Kroger"! LOLs.
Little Rock is seriously beautiful. Rolling hills everywhere. <3
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And then there's my friends and family located here. I love them so much. They truly are what makes this place feel like home. <3 I had a previous friend of mine from the Jonesboro area constantly tell me how she enjoyed moving to a more metropolitan area in Las Vegas many years ago, but ended up disliking the city life and ended up moving back to the Jonesboro area. She told me I'd end up feeling the same, and that I would be back eventually. It's funny how others think they know your identity and life better than you. :P

But no. LOLs. That isn't happening. Life is too wonderful now. Yes, my financial situation could be better, but I finally feel, for the most part, at ease. And I think it helps that, unlike her, I don't feel the need to see if that umbilical cord is still there, connected. Yes, I want acceptance from my family, but that's different than knowing you can't survive without parental financial and supportive help. So, yeah. :P (That's payback for comparing me to a Batman cosplay, you. Deal.)
Jenny Loo-hoo visited me back in July! It was great to see her pretty face! <3
Anyhoo, I know I've been posting more and more about my intense feelings toward my family...and it, in turn, has sparked more anger coming from my end. So, I felt the need to write a blog entry with a little less intensity about something that's been on my mind for a while now — my new home. :)

Be good and do good! <3

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