Corrupt Candidates and Siblings

06 December

The idiocy is unreal.
The "transgender thing," Carson? O RLY? Maybe if everything that exits from your blowhole wasn't an exuberant amount of tripe and rubbish and lies, maybe, just maybe people might start taking you seriously. Carson, I am not a thing. I am a fucking human being. Someone who, unlike you, Carson, has immense amounts of love and understanding for others who are different. I don't fear difference, Carson. I don't hide behind a wall of corruption like you, Carson. The hate is unreal. There are photos taken of you stepping out of a car holding a sign that reads, "I am a Christian." No. No, sir. You are not. Maybe a fundamentalist wacko...maybe an extremist built on the theology that anyone outside of your spectrum of "normal" should be shut down and silenced, but you most certainly are not a "Christian."

I despise religion because it fosters this kind of impertinent shit. BUT...there are those Christians that can follow the core, new belief that love conquers all, and believe me when I say that I appreciate those of you that do. Thank you. But you are a minority. Please understand that. Your voice isn't what gets heard. Instead, mongrels such as this walnut take the stage. It's beyond disheartening. And Carson, anyone...and I mean ANYONE under the LGBT umbrella who wants to serve in our country's military, openly, should be allowed that right. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. The problem is not them and people such as myself. It's YOU, Carson. Get over yourself.

My brother and I — before he knew hate existed.
Wrong, Shaun. You are so terribly incorrect and wrong, my dear, sweet, and ignorant brother.

Quit preaching bigotry. The posts and retweets you make on social media show exactly how dark your heart really is toward those of us who are different. Your whole hate the sin, love the sinner mentality is bullshit, and you most certainly know it. Maybe know, ACTUALLY doing good toward others. And not just toward people YOU like, but for ALL. Every single piece of tripe you post on social media that goes against the growth of all of humanity speaks so very loudly of what kind of presence exists within your heart and mind. Praying does shit. Actions ... louder than ...words. Crazy concept, I know. But it works.

Be good, do good. That's all that matters in life.

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