Sucker Punch *EOTWP*

06 November

Week 40

I'm sure what my family is experiencing as I continue to grow is like a sucker punch to the gut for them. Not having control over the situation probably drives them insane, makes them sad or depressed, or even invokes some religious fearmongering within the family and close friends.

However, what they keep ignoring...what they aren't even noticing is how positively changed I've become as an individual. They refuse to see this aural sphere of happiness that surrounds

Do you SEE the happiness upon this girl's face? :D
me and the embodiment I've become from said happiness. It's surreal. Incredible. Oh, but Jesus is the only way to achieve happiness in life. /sarcasm How any single immediate family member of mine can keep brushing it off — as they do — completely blows my mind.

...because I have changed so much. Today's blog post marks 10 full months of hormone replacement therapy (or 40 weeks, however you want to view it.) And it's quite astounding to see just how greatly my

Full makeup and my real hair. Crazy.
body has reshaped itself. And I'm still not finished cooking! That's the most exciting aspect of the physical growth as I continue to look forward to the future. Who even knows what else is hidden inside my genetic code?? The intrigue to see what's around the corner is beyond another level. I can't wait.

I don't know. Maybe the change scares them? Maybe it freaks them out? Maybe they're so bothered by how very different I look that it makes them uncomfortable. I'm not entirely sure. But I do believe the main driving force behind why they won't support me is because of religious indoctrination. Because they believe that in doing so, they themselves will be committing sin. And we can't have that, because they'd be spending eternity in that fictional, torturous lake of fire. *eyeroll* It's such a shame that their own flesh and blood has been placed aside — not even in a secondary role — to a fictional character used to keep societies in check through the use of fear and guilt. Sad.

But you can't throw logic at them. I've discovered this the hard way. They just will not listen. All I can do is keep being me; keep pushing forward toward a life of happiness and no regrets. And I'll keep doing just that...because I refuse to be sad and miserable. I refuse to allow depression to take me over. I refuse to be ruled by fear and guilt. I'm stronger than all of that.

I am a woman.
Monthly progression series
Stats progression, ahoy!
Breasts developing well now!
Hips, too! <3
As far as a quick check-in on other aspects all around me? Car died. Ruth came to the rescue (again.) Kitties are growing fast. And I still love fried chicken. And root beer floats. Oh, and margaritas. All is good.

Take care, lovelies. I'll see you next week. Be good! <3

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