Just Call Me Babydoll

01 November

I love Babydoll! <3 (And Serena, too!)
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All of my life, pre-transitioning, I've not cared for Halloween. No no no, not because of religious reasons, but because of my anatomical sex. I've dressed up, oooooh...maybe a couple of times throughout my life. But it was never fun for me, and it never felt right. There was a time I dressed as Luigi from Super Mario Bros. (my brother went as Mario), a pair of dice with an ex-girlfriend, and even as far back as "attempting" to do Captain N as a child (old video game cartoon show from the late 80s.) But yup, I just didn't care at all about dressing as characters that were the opposite gender of who I am and always have been internally — though I suppose dice doesn't have a gender. LOLs. Anyhow, not any more...

I am Babydoll. Saturday night's Halloween party at Tracy's place in Searcy was a blast. I don't really know how to describe the feeling of finally dressing up as one of my favourite characters ever and walking toward a house where lots of people are already socialising on the front porch. It's scary. Yeah, I might come across as quite confident in my progression, but there are still aspects that scare the shit out of me when it comes to larger crowds of people. I was uneasy, but I felt good about myself. I felt sexy. And badass. I'm hoping it came across as such. But as I approached the house, I was getting a bit nervous. But then I saw Ashley and a couple of other friends, and that bit of anxiety faded away. "Yeah, I got this," I thought.

OH. And I must add how weird it felt to have guys striking up conversation with me throughout the night...whether there was interest, curiosity, or not. Especially since I cared about getting to talk to one particular cute boy there at the party anyway. And I didn't even get to do much of that. :/ Drat.

And wow, there was SO MUCH FOOD. Ohmahgah. There were lots of finger foods, and Ruth even slaved over a stove to bring her most excellent stew and cornbread waffles to the show. She busted her ass on that. And every single bit of it was soooooooo good. Sarah makes a really tasty margarita as well!

Well, anyhow. I'll close this post by saying that the night was pretty darn fantastic altogether, and I can't wait for more events like that. It definitely helped me in adding to discovering who I am. The night allowed for me to uncover a sexier side hiding deep within. I need more of that, I suppose. Now I've got to figure out what to be for next year's Halloween!

Take care, everyone! And be good! <3

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    1. Thank you so much, love! I had such an incredible time at the party! So much fun dressing up as Babydoll! <3 <3