Giving Thanks

26 November

Happy girl. ^_^
Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends, and likewise to those who come from countries elsewhere in the world — be thankful, no matter what...even if today isn't a holiday for you. :)

I'm glad to be alive. That's number one on my list of things I'm giving thanks to. Last year was brutal and quite troubling for me. I did not want to live in my then-current physical and mental state. I just wanted to die. But the girl inside refused to allow this to happen. And I'm immensely glad she came out kicking and screaming to make it all happen.

Because here I am today, smiling, laughing, and trying my best to inspire others around me to always give every aspect of their lives their best shot at succeeding...and to never give up in the process.

Today, I'll be travelling with Ruth to her grandparents' house for Thanksgiving dinner. I'm excited to spend time with people who are accepting and supportive of others. This feels me with so much glee. And with that said...

I hope that empty seat at my family's dinner table opens up someone's heart. I hope it raises and eyebrow to show how much they've pushed me out because of not accepting who I am. I hope it feels them with so much sorrow that I receive messages or calls about finally wanting to embrace and support who I am. I hope it creates a small bit of pain inside each and every one of them. I hope it instills within them...truth and invoke real change. I hope they hurt. I hope they cry. And I hope they finally realise the fault in their actions. Happy Thanksgiving, family. These results are because of your own self-inflictions. But I still love you, despite you hating who I am as a human being.

And to my new family and friends I've made over the last year, thank you. I love you so stinking much. You've all been there for me in times of need so much to offer hugs, words of undying love, and the occasional glass of wine. :) From the very depths of my heart and mind, thank you for that acceptance and love. I've needed it so very badly. <3

Be good and happy holidays!

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