Sleep Deprivation *EOTWP*

16 October

Week 37
Where do I even begin? These last several weeks have been like a never-ending upward climb of a rollercoaster, emotionally speaking. I climb and I climb, but I never reach that point of excitement. I can't see the horizon. It's been almost two weeks now since T.C.'s been gone, and everyday I still cry. I know I'll get through long as my job doesn't turn my brain into goo first, that is.
I smile while at work.
But it's not real. :/

I despise working at Old Navy. My co-workers are superbly delightful, but the work is horrendous. Not in a physically demanding kind of way, but Old Navy is crazy disorganised. Management doesn't know how to train properly (though the women's department manager has been going through things with me a bit more thoroughly since I spoke up about not being trained well enough.) It's like, when I clock in, I can immediately feel the hysteria surrounding me. I don't know what I'm doing, how I'm doing it, or even why I'm doing it. 
Nothing is truly explained. I hate it. Completely a 180 degree difference compared to Hob Lob. And I refuse to push credit cards onto customers. They're evil, and I won't do it.

I just need more fulfilling work; better hours with better pay. Old Navy isn't worth me being physically and mentally exhausted everyday from going in at 5 a.m. I can't do this any more. I feel like I can't have a normal functioning life doing this.

I stay tired all. the. time.
Let's talk about something different for a change, shall we?

What kind of shows do you lot watch on the telly? I ask, because well, it's October now. And the autumn television lineup is currently running full steam ahead now. Personally, I have a slew of programmes I consume — and I have only ever liked a show or two here and there in the past...before I met The Herd. Then, I started tuning in to all sorts of stuff every week. Currently, I follow (in alphabetical order, thanks to my handy app): Arrow, Broadchurch, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Fargo, Game of Thrones, New Girl, Sense8, Sherlock,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012), The Big Bang Theory, The Flash, The Walking Dead, Top Gear, and Whose Line Is It Anyway? And to top it off, I enthusiastically follow Manchester United each week they play in the English Premier League. My personal favourite of the bunch right now is The Flash, though. Grant Gustin...yum. And the story is so entertaining! Great characters and really fun action and pace. I love it.

Tea and Downton Abbey.
It makes sense.
I am really loving my hair growth now. It's really starting to come in and come to form. I have to tease it a LOT, but once it gets set in place, it's really nice. It's all poofy on the sides. LOLs. I love it. It's so strange having to use a brush, though. You really don't understand how much different it feels when having short hair your entire life, and only really having the need for a comb. It's a weird sensation. But it's one I welcome. I am definitely inching closer and closer to finally ditching my pretty little wig. It's gonna make me sad, but I know I'll eventually do it. Stay strong, Anna! :P

See ya, space cowboy. Be good. :)

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