Late Nights, Early Hours *EOTWP*

30 October

Week 39
I wore leggings to work this past Sunday night. For all of the cisgender women out there, this isn't a big deal. You're wondering why I'm even bringing it up. Well, for one, hormones have caused enough shrinkage downstairs now that I no longer have the need for wearing a gaff...since I'm a pre-op trans woman. And when I do choose to wear a gaff, like I did this past Sunday for work, it's entirely comfortable now — there's no uneasiness coming from the tuck. So, that's good. And wearing leggings made work all the more comfortable, too. So yay. Chalk another first on the board for me. :)

I'm extremely excited about Tracy's Halloween party Saturday night. At first, I was happy about going, but upset because I have zero monies for buying or putting together a costume. And I would have gone despite this...just to have a good time. But Ruth, being the wonderful human 
being she is, stepped in

A little tease for tomorrow night...

and purchased a costume I have been dying to cosplay as for years now — when I first experienced the film from which this character leads in, I dreamt of the day that I would finally be able to do so. And that day is tomorrow. I'm so so so so SO excited! <3 I'll post more about it and the party next week!

This past Saturday, Dr. Cathey messaged me to say that my estrogen level was a bit high — that I needed to drop my dosage down from 12mg of estradiol to 10mg a day. At first, this upset me horribly. In my mind, I was thinking how great my progression has been advancing in the past month or so, and dropping the dosage would only hinder my progress. Not true, as explained by Ruth. Aside from the increased risk of blood clotting at such a high level, I've also reached a ceiling limit of what my body can metabolise right now. No problem. I want to do this transition properly, after all. Better safe than sorry, as the saying goes.

My brother follows Matt Walsh on Twitter — Walsh, a hypocritical fundamentalist and bigoted Christian blogger...professional truth sayer, as he describes himself. And every now and then, I'll head over to his Twitter and reply with logical facts and statements against a heated, hate-filled tweet of his. And this past Tuesday, I prompted hate-spewing from several of his followers concerning a reply of mine regarding abortion and rape. So many argumentative fallacies were being committed at every angle from those standing against my words, and by the end of it, one particular woman decided to peruse my Twitter profile and photos. She couldn't come up with a sensible, logical she decided to personally attack me. So, when one woman responded against me saying I should just have a hysterectomy to solve all of my problems, this vile woman replied, "@anna_clay can't. HE has male parts."
The hate is STRONG with this one.
Now, thankfully, I stand stronger and more firm in the ground where I'm planted at compared to a good portion of the transgender community. A comment such as that probably would have created a huge hole of depression in someone — maybe even possibly pushing one on the verge of suicide. And that's what disturbs me. That some twatwaffle woman (or human being for that matter) could make such a statement not knowing the effects of what could happen against her own kind. It bothers me to the nth degree. And what's more is that I haven't been purposefully misgendered since February...when I was
From work — done with the wig (I think)...I do get more awkward stares now...

still living as previous me. And that altercation infuriated me back then. Now, I smiled and laughed (angrily, mind you), and just continued on. I, of course, blocked her sorry excuse of a human existence on Twitter...which bothers me, too, because I don't block others on Twitter or any social media for that matter. Because I want the truth to be heard. I want others to be informed on what actually exists in reality. But I will not stand for misgendering and dead-naming me or any other trans person. You can go right ahead and jump off a cliff with that nonsense. You're wasting mine and others who know what love fully accounts for's oxygen. So, stop it. Just love one another. It's simple, really. I promise it is.

Be good, you guys. 'Til next week! <3

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