Hired Back On *EOTWP*

23 October

Week 38
I interviewed with the Lob on Tuesday afternoon. It went well. I'm hired back on as seasonal/temporary, but I do know that their CSM will be leaving/retiring during the first part of the new year. Hopefully I can convince the store manager to keep me on after the 31st of January. Going to have to work quite hard during the holidays. This girl can do it, though. No worries there. I've done it for 11 other years, previously, and I can do it again.

As for hours, until their new quarter starts on 1 November, they can only give me around 20 hours. So, I'll keep my Old Navy job for just a few more weeks. After that, I'm gone. I just can't handle the disorganisation. Product not being labelled where it's placed causes so much confusion — especially with clothing...which needs an accompanying small picture. All of this caused me to have a slight anxiety attack on Thursday morning during work. I had to run to the restroom because I started to cry. And it continued during my 15 minute break. I just can't take it. I feel like, because of my experience with Hob Lob, they're expecting so much out of me. And it just isn't going to happen. Hopefully I won't get cashier training over the next couple of weeks. It would be pointless anyhow, though, I believe the main store manager is wanting to train me on that sometime next week. *sigh*

These kittens. Oh muh gawd, these kittens. Juno and Gigi are hysterically fun to play with, and their personalities are developing more and more each day. They fight so much. Juno's starting to get a bit
D'awwwww... :D <3 (^=˃ᆺ˂)
stronger than his sister, and he's biting her harder, causing her to yelp more. I can tell she wants him to stop, but he keeps pushing. Typical male. :P Ruth and I love them so much, though. I believe we have the scratch marks on our hands to prove it. :)

Well, here's the physical progress report for the past two weeks (minus kitty scratches):

No major gains. Loss in the hip department. Ugh.
To finish this post for the week, I'd like to ask you a question. Is there anything you'd like to know or be more informed about, specifically or in general, about transgender people? I can definitely answer questions regarding the trans female populace, and I'm learning more and more each day concerning other sects of the trans community — trans males, gender queer, non-binary, agender, etc. types of people. Seriously. Shoot me a question in the comments, or use the brand new contact form I've created for my site by clicking CONTACT above on the navigation bar. As some of you already know, I'm super open about any and all aspects of my trans status, and I'm not bothered one bit how the uninformed phrase a question. After all, I'm here to teach based on my personal experiences, and that's a much more powerful and personable tool to use compared to just telling a cis-person, "Go Google it or look on a trans wiki page," or the ever-disrespectful, "Go look it up on the internet." As a transgender individual, YOUR personal story is the most important way to inform those around you. Don't hide in the dark. We've done that for far too long.

I'll chat you lot up next week! Take care, and be good! <3

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