Best Kitty In the World

12 October

T.C. Foster — 1 March 2001 to 5 October 2015
My sweet boy. My buddy. My door greeter. My food preparation assistant. My assistant fried chicken devourer. My favorite TV show watching pal. My lap warmer. My makeup assistant. My water from the faucet drinker. My I'll throw-up anywhere and then watch you clean it up confidant. My I don't approve of your relationships advisor. My string chaser. My spider killer. My finger attacker from under the sheets. My dead mouse at the head of my pillow gifter. My I can sleep ANYWHERE I want fur pillow. My English footy fan. My instigator. My RBF master. My vacuum cleaner lover. My life. My love. My heart. My soul. My everything.

And my best friend.

T.C. passed away Monday, 5 October from complications of intestinal lymphoma. Earlier in September, my loving roommate helped me get T.C. to the vet and on medication to help ease and hopefully even help subside the pain that was developing — pain in the form of a slightly larger than golf ball sized tumor in his lower abdomen. And the medication was working really well. The antibiotic, especially, got him back on his feet once again and bouncing around all over the apartment. He was full of life once more.

But once his antibiotic meds were finished off, the disease took over, advancing more rapidly. In the span of four days, he went from barely losing stability once again to not being able to lift himself off the floor by day four. At the beginning of those first of four days, he lost his ability to pass a bowel movement. It was torture watching my best friend go through that — I couldn't imagine the amount of pain he was enduring. And it continued for the rest of those
T.C. started to not feel well
in late August 2015
four days. On day three, he stopped drinking water. Once again, my wonderful sister and roommate, Ruth, tried helping to nurse him back to health by giving him water through a syringe. It tore me up inside to watch...knowing he couldn't care for himself. And I knew time was running out.

So, when I woke on Monday morning in preparation of finally being able to take him to the veterinary clinic to try and get help, I was in shock and terrified beyond all comprehension at seeing my sweet, poor, baby boy lying halfway under my bed, incapable of lifting himself up to move. It ripped me apart. I couldn't take it. I felt like I was dying inside...which was nothing like what T.C. was experiencing. I wanted to just hold him continuously until he finally ran out of life, but that wouldn't be humane or fair of me to do toward him. And Ruth knew it was time, too. So, on to the vet I went to say my goodbyes. It was truly and honestly, the hardest, most difficult thing I have ever had to do in my entire life — saying a final farewell to my best friend.

But he lived a very cared for, loved, and appreciated wonderful life. Every visitor that got to experience him, every family member that ever stopped by, the few girlfriends of whom got
Every Christmas. Yes, every Christmas. :P
to partake in life with him, he enjoyed every second of it. And I never, EVER stopped loving him along the way. And I never will stop.

I collected his ashes that following Thursday, and he will now forever be by his mama's side. I will never leave him. Not now, not months from now, not years from now, not ever. He's my best friend...the one of which I could always rely on to be there for me. T.C. gave me so much of himself to make things better, to make life more vivid, to make every aspect I've endured over the course of his almost 15-year lifespan easier for me. He was there at my age of 19 to see me in my first female dressing. He was there for each breakup with every girl that crushed my heart (and the one who's heart I crushed) to help console and push me forward. He knew when things were wrong or when I was badly ill, and he did all that he could to make it better for me. He was there when I first put on a female wig (his expression was priceless), and he was there and aided me in my initial steps in transitioning. And he helped push me forward in making my life and who I am a true reality. I just hope that I was able to return all of that love and affection toward him through the years. I gave him the best possible life that I could give him — showing him endless love and care, giving him a warm home to rest in, and providing almost limitless hours of entertainment and fun to create joy in his life.

I am eternally grateful that he chose me to be his life partner, and in turn, developed a lasting bond and friendship that will forever exist as long as I am breathing. T.C. was and is
My sweet boy. I miss him so.
my best friend. And he will always stay close inside my heart and mind. I will continue to love him, just as he always loved me. I hope beyond hope that the elements that made T.C. the living, breathing figure he was are still reaching out...still clinging to that love I've always shown him. It will never stop. I promise.

T.C. is absolutely the best kitty in the world. I will greatly miss you, my sweet boy. Forever.

T.C. - Best Kitty In the World (Entire Photo Album Through the Years)

^The above is a link to a Google Photos collection of photos and videos throughout T.C.'s upbringing. I don't have any from his first year of existence (he was such a freaking cute and adorable kitten), but I have a few starting with his second year. And then many, many more throughout the rest of his life. Feel free to take in the joy that was his life. He affected mine so positively, and I want to share that with the world. I miss him so much, and I want this posted to retain his legacy as I continue on in life. Thanks, everyone, for taking the time to read my thoughts on my little boy. He means the world to me.

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