Adopted Siblings

19 October

T.C.'s adopted siblings: Juno (left) and Gigi

I'd like to introduce you to two new friends of mine — Juno and Gigi. These two little incredibly adorable furballs of happy have been officially declared as T.C.'s adopted younger brother and sister. He'd want it that way. He never wanted me to be sad, and he did all that he could do to make sure that was the case. So, I know he'd approve of these two itty bitty wonders.

They arrived on the scene Saturday night via a good friend of mine and Ruth's here in Little Rock. Tiffany knew the love needed to continue, and she just so happened to have two kittens the same age as when I first took in T.C. And I've fallen so hard for them already. They're both overly playful little buggers (Juno, more so), and they're entirely way too sweet and lovey-dovey. Perfect. I loves them so much. The first night into morning spent here at their new home, I woke up to find them both nuzzled up beside my head on my pillow. I'll wake up to that every morning, please. <3
So sweet.
They play fight like crazy, too. Brother starts biting a bit too hard, and it causes sister to start yelping in pain. It's too hilarious, though.

I'm very happy that Ruth and I can give them a new, loving home to play and live in. I'm super excited to see how they grow, both in physical growth and personality traits. It also thrills me that they're brother and sister. There's going to be a LOT of sibling rivalry between these two as the years go on. And lots and lots of love, too, of course. I can't wait.

<3 <3 <3

(A BIG thank you to Tiffany for the kitties...and for Kevin and Frank for delivering them to us with care. Love to all of you. <3)

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