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02 October

Week 35

Happy to see Dr. Cathey again!
This week's gender appointment was fairly smooth and went over very well. Dr. Cathey was pleased to see my progression, and I confronted her with a few questions concerning certain aspects that have developed over the course of the past few months. I won't go into details regarding those, but hopefully we'll see positive results going forward — it's nothing life threatening or anything like that. So, please, no worries from you guys. She also knows I'm quite confident in myself with respect to my transgender status and physicality, and because of this, she entered the room with another med student from UAMS. At least, I'd like to think that's the reason. Hehe. Cute boy, he was. ^________^ (Ohhhh, why can't I have my GRS now??? Ugh.)

My lab results posted on Tuesday night, and oh muh gawd, are they ever promising. And it makes me wonder about one of the questions I asked Dr. Cathey, but my roommate brought out a bit of light about this one particular question...and it makes a bit more sense now. Yeah, I've gotten more comfortable with my situation regarding living in Little Rock and having a job — even if it is a shoddy one. Anyhoo, on with the lab results!
Estrogen WAY up. Yayayayay!
Right in-line where it needs to be. Good.
Hair growing like a weed.
Ponytail now, too!
After two months of an increased estrogen dosage intake, I am absolutely ecstatic and beyond thrilled to see my level rise so high. This definitely explains the more recent boob development, hips, butt, and thigh increases, too. Wonderful! And it also explains all the crazy amounts of crying, feeling depressed and worthless, and overall emotional sweep I've fallen into. But I'm so giddy right now, you guys. You don't even know. I feel so good. These last couple of weeks, especially, I've been noticing in the morning while standing in front of the mirror, getting ready for work...that my face — sans makeup — is definitely exhibiting some very strong feminine characteristics now. It's quite eye-opening, and it utterly blows me away. My hair has been growing faster, my nails are getting more brittle, and I'm getting more and more hormonal...yup, it's doing its job. I'm happy.

Moving on...

These early work hours at Old Navy are getting to me. It's making my neck pain flare up again, and I feel this is because of not getting an appropriate amount of sleep...or even comfort while I'm sleeping. It's driving me insane. And this low amount of pay I'm getting for even doing this is making none of this feel worth it. It's terrible. Hopefully on Monday, I'll find out some good news regarding possible employment with Hob Lob. Yuck, Hob Lob. But at least the hours aren't terrible, and the pay is better than Old Navy.

Speaking of Mondays, I received an email this past Monday about an eCommerce writer position for Dillard's Corporate here in Little Rock, and the hiring manager asked about setting up a phone interview for Wednesday. Said phone interview proceeded fairly well, I think. She asked some general questions about my design sense and writing style, and then wanted to know more specifically how I would adapt my abilities from previous jobs (Hob Lob and Art Advertising) toward writing about fashion, making it marketable for customers. I answered as honestly and as detailed as I could. I really hope it set an impression upon her. We shall see. Like other interviews, though, she told me that she has other phone interviews to go through this week, but she'd let me know in a few days if I'll get to come in for a sit-down interview. I'm excited. She also informed me the pay is $14 an hour at 40 hours a week. Yes yes yes, please. *crosses fingers*

Anyhoo, until next week! Be good, er'body! <3

Attempting something additional with this week's blog post. I'm going to start including a "blog read" voice recording (the first file listed above) at the beginning of the month post to hopefully showcase how I've developed my voice over the past year — since it's been almost a full year now since I started my voice therapy. For example, the second audio file is a blog read I did for my post on 28 December 2014. Dramatic difference in voice progression. :)

Update: I received an email on Thursday, late afternoon (after writing and recording this blog post), from Dillard's Corporate over the writing position. I get to go in early next week for a sit-down interview to discuss the position further! Yay! Getting closer! :D

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