Two Jobs at Once! *EOTWP*

25 September

Week 34
...Possibly two jobs going forward, that is. Since I can't seem to hit the hammer on the head concerning a full-time, decent pay kind of job, I might be working two part-time jobs very soon.

Smile, Anna!
I called Hobby Lobby for my monthly check-in to see about possible employment, and while nothing full-time is currently available, the store manager did say that he was getting ready to hire seasonal help at the beginning of October. I told him about my current job, and he said he would definitely work around my schedule. The pay is better, and as seasonal help, I'd get more hours than I currently do with Old Navy. The manager, however, mentioned that I need to get back in contact with him one week from this coming Monday. Why? Because he's going on vacation next week, and he won't start his hiring until the following week. No problem. I'm patient. I've been patient for this long, what's a tiny bit more going to hurt. My goal is to show him how much arse I actually kick at Hob Lob, and in turn, hopefully he'll want to keep me on past the seasonal end date of 31 January. And then maybe that can lead to getting put back on as full-time. Working almost 50 hours a week is going to be tiring, but I'll survive. Whatever I need to do to get by, I'll do it. ...Except whoring myself out. I will never travel that road. :P

Makeup w/ actual hair.
As far as the current job goes with Old Navy...I like my co-workers; they're really fun people who appreciate and respect who I am as a person. Though, I do have one particular person who is either not very fond of who I am, or is just an altogether crabby individual. I can't really tell for sure. LOLs. But management has been super nice to me, and they apparently have exceedingly high expectations for what I'm capable of doing — I've even got two of the department managers quarrelling over who's going to have me work specifically in their department. There's positives and negatives to both departments (kids' department is terrifying to clean and rezone, but I know, for the most part, where to put things; whereas the women's department is two-thirds of the entire store, gets not as badly destroyed, but I have the slightest clue where anything is located. Ugh.) I still detest working in a clothing store, mind you.
Hair regrowth has been wonderful.

Ahh, English breakfast so good.

But just like this entire past summer, I'm remaining as positive as I possibly can aspire to in hopes that something great comes my way concerning full-time work. In the meantime, here's the two-week stats progression...

Yay for breasts!
Stat upgrades, ahoy! Not only did I gain almost five pounds, but my breast size increased again (they've been feeling very cramped for space in their current bra.) Also, in the above photos, you can clearly see the finasteride is working well now...restoring the growth of my hair. It's filling in nicely in the back! Yay!
"I've made the most important discovery of my life. It's only in the mysterious equation of love that any logic or reasons can be found." - Sylvia Nasar
Be good, do good! <3 (Gender clinic appointment this Tuesday! I am excite!)

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