Why Don't You Just Move? *EOTWP*

13 August

Week 28
O' Job, Job! Wherefore art thou, Job? The search continues this week... :/

I'm a day early, but I don't care. Today is actually the start of month eight anyway. :P

I've been listening to quite a bit of my music I've written from years past. And it's strange to me. When I hear my old voice, I don't associate myself with that sound anymore. Does that make any sense? As in, I'm not making any sort of physical or emotional connection to how I used to sound when singing. I suppose when speaking, too, but the focus being on my actual musical voice. It sounds like I'm listening to a completely different person. I can definitely sing in a higher pitch now...all thanks to the progress I've made in voice therapy, but I refuse to do so publicly because it still comes across as masculine - albeit in a higher pitch range. And while I've gotten fairly good control of speaking as a woman (so SO happy it comes out naturally now), my singing vocals don't exude themselves in that manner. Singing is a different beast entirely, and I'm not sure if I'll ever get control of that. It kind of makes me sad. Because I really do enjoy making music. Here, take a peek at one of the more recent songs (from almost five years ago) I wrote alongside a friend of mine, Charee'...

On the transitioning front, my boobs are definitely hurting again. This is great. It means the progesterone has fully kicked in and my breasts are developing once again. Good. :)

And my hair, oh my gosh, I love how long my hair is getting. I actually walked outside au naturale to go check the mail at the apartment's office building. No fear! :P

Oh, and I got hit on by two different guys this past week here at the apartment complex. The first one gave me an overly charm-induced "How you doin', girl?" when I walked to the bin outside to take out the garbage. The other, well...that happened yesterday out at the pool. This guy, who looked as if he were 19 or 20 years of age, proceeded to try to get me to stay when I started gathering my things to come back inside. "Maybe we could get together sometime?" Ummm...maybe we won't. :P

So, here's the monthly progression set of photos...

And, of course, the two week stats progression.

Growth in several categories has occurred! Yay! Bust and hips are my main concerns...I'm incredibly thrilled to see them progress. Must be why that guy hit on me yesterday at the pool. Hehehehe...

Until next time, lovelies...be good! <3

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