Rejected and Denied *EOTWP*

07 August

Week 27
I was denied the proofreader position for PatientPoint. Ouch. I cried the majority of the day on Monday and once again during the night as I fell asleep. It hurts. But I picked myself up and immediately started turning in more applications and CVs. I need a job - badly. And while I appreciate close friends stepping up to help me through this, financially, I don't want it to come to that point. So, I'm trying harder; pushing harder to succeed. I have a phone interview tomorrow for an assistant manager position for Claire's. Ugh, retail. It's below my Hob Lob pay scale, but it's something. And I definitely need something, at least. I've applied for another proofreader position with Dillard's corporate, but I've heard terrible things about that specific department. We'll see.

I adore this dress
But last night was wonderful. Ruth, Phillip, and I gathered with two friends of ours for Mexican food and margaritas. Seriously, guys, watermelon margaritas are incredible. So tasty. I also love Señor Tequila's fajita nachos. They're the best I've had in this area...and quite comparable to Mi Pueblo's in Osceola. If it were up to me, every Mexican restaurant would have this on their menu. :P I also got a great compliment on my voice. I've worked vigorously to obtain and ascertain the pitch and inflection I've developed. It's amazing how much differently I sound compared to early October last year before I started voice therapy.

GOP debate, despite me being drunk last night and somehow remembering a good portion of it, was quite hysterical and frustrating all at the same time. Huckabee showed his true colors as a fundamentalist Christian wacko - while increasing my distaste for him as a previous Arkansas governor, Walker and his goofy ire toward the female body (as was commonplace amongst all GOP candidates last night) was wholeheartedly disgusting, Kasich, the misogynist and transphobe that he is, showed moderate views toward marriage equality, and the ultimate clown of them all, Trump, actually uttered the words single-payer healthcare out of his mouth as a good thing (which it is.) Wow.

Over my shoulder ;)
Cute swimsuit
But none of these buffoons matter. Bernie Sanders for President, please. #FeelTheBern, all day long. If he had Elizabeth Warren as his running mate...oh mah gah. That premise would do incredible things for us as a nation. I can only hope. All of these forward-thinking, progressive Millennials have made social media the giant that it is in this world. And they have the ability to change and reshape things for the better. Let's make it happen!

Oh! My dear friend, Leah, visited me this past Sunday, too. She came over during the late morning hours, introduced her to Ruth and Phillip (fun conversation about porn and 80s music...haha), the two of us had lunch at a local sandwich shop, and came back to play some Smash Bros. online. I think we truly crushed the skulls of those 8-year-old kids in several rounds of play. It was a fun time! I was happy she was able to visit.

I'll see you guys next week for the month seven update! Be good! <3

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