On Target...Or Not *EOTWP*

22 August

Week 29
Wow. Facial changes really are becoming apparent now. I love it. And I love being and feeling ecstatic about my overall health and physical attributes now. Also, I gave myself a good eyebrow plucking the other day. Go me. <3

So, I had a job interview this past Tuesday with Target. Yes yes, retail. Ugh. But I was intrigued by their store presentation position opening up. I applied for that. And the next day, I was called in that afternoon to interview for said position. And well...I declined. Primarily because I'd have to change my entire lifestyle around to fit that position's hours and time schedule, and I just can't do that - not in Little Rock...not in anywhere. I would have been working only 20 hours per week at a pay rate of $10.15 an hour. My hours during the day would have been 4 a.m. to 9 a.m. No thanks. That alone would have ripped my sleeping patterns and schedule to shreds, and I'm already having a difficult enough time as it is getting sleep at appropriate hours. Ugh.

But! I'll be getting a call from Old Navy (more retail, I know) tomorrow to set up an in-store interview. This is actually for a full-time, daily position, but I have no idea what their pay rate is going to be. And if that doesn't work out for me? I have an interview with Premier Staffing on Tuesday afternoon to help me find something in my desired field. Maybe things are finally starting to change. Who knows? I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Ruth's white coat ceremony
Friday night was totally fun. Ruth had her white coat ceremony for UAMS's College of Pharmacy. My roomie's gonna be a pharmacist, you guys! I'm definitely excited for her. And the ceremony was really nice as well. Ruth looked super professional in her white coat. I'm super proud of her, for sure. I'm positive her grandparents who came to the ceremony, too, were more than proud and excited for her. They're super sweet people!
At Cajun's Wharf
I love this dress!
Afterwards, we set course for La Hacienda Mexican restaurant (so good!), where we watched Ruth's grandfather completely destroy and devour a bowl of salsa and cheese dip. Seriously, it's the best I've ever had. Nowhere else comes close. As always, the food was incredible. After we bid her grandparents adieu, we ventured over to Cajun's Wharf where a UAMS gathering of students, alumni, and friends was taking place. Oh my goodness, there were so many people. I love that kind of atmosphere, but it was super crowded up on the balcony deck overlooking the Arkansas River, and inside it was crazy loud from the local band doing their thing. Definitely a fun night, but after a tasty Play-dee-do from Cajun's, a headache was beginning to form. Ruth and I both couldn't finish our drinks. :P

As for Saturday, I was surprised when my friend Dexter appeared out of the blue, sitting at my dining room table. This was after I hurried my arse along doing my makeup as quick as possible so that Ruth and I could go clothes shopping - at least, that's what I was informed was happening. LIES. SO MANY LIES. LOLs. It was so great to see Dex in Little Rock! :D And Wendell even came over, too! I knew those two were going to connect right away, as they're both such incredibly talented artists. And they did. :) All smiles here.
My sweet kitty, T.C.

And I worry about my kitty now, too. I realize he's an older cat and I've always taken super good care of him, but lately (especially this past week) he's been very sluggish. He's not been as mobile, venturing around and about in the apartment as he always has in the past. It just worries me, that's all. I loves him way too much.
Anyhoo, I don't want to delve into that too deeply or else I'll start endlessly crying. You lovelies take care and be good. I'll see you guys next week! <3

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