Now the Offers Start Pouring In *EOTWP*

28 August

Week 30
I landed a job. Finally, I can rest a bit easier at night. It's another retail job, but hey, who needs that journalism degree, right? It's with Old Navy, and I'm still not certain whether it's full or part-time just yet, but I know the pay is considerably lower than my previous Hob Lob gig. So, I'm definitely going to have to get a second job to cover bills, rent, and student loan debt—I won't be able to handle that all and start paying Ruth back, too. :/ Hob Lob, WHY YOU NO TRANSFER? Grrrrr.

But wait, as I was writing this post (I began writing it Thursday night), I received a call about
a possible copy desk/proofreader position with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Yay. Of course I'll apply! My interview for that was earlier today at 3 p.m. I'd say the entire interview went over incredibly well. I even got to sit in for what's titled a budget meeting. That was fun. I felt like I handled the copy editing test well, but we'll see how I get graded this weekend. The lovely lady who interviewed me (and even gave me an entire tour of their newsroom) said that she'd call me back by Tuesday to know if the job is mine or not. I really hope I get this one. I want so flipping badly to finally get my foot in that journalistic door. I deserve this. I've worked so hard my entire life. I want it.
Little Rock friends!
Job interview attire

I also had an exceptionally wonderful time Tuesday evening during Sarah's birthday get-together at Casa Mexicana. Fajita nachos (of course), margaritas, and great friends...what more could a girl ask for (besides having a vagina)? I had a blast meeting lots of new people from my Little Rock group that I hadn't met yet either. They were all loads of fun. :D Let's see... Ruth, Phillip, Wendell, Sarah H., Judd, Reda, Laney, Tom, Lynne, Frank, Laken, Sarah N., Ryan, Chris, Samantha, Jeff, Sam, and Tracy (yeah, I don't have ANY friends at all, Rick...) ...but to all of those I mentioned—thank you for making me feel human. <3

I think Ruth wants to do at least one more trip out to the lake before the summer is over. I'm definitely for that. Color fades super fast on my skin, and I'd like to get as much as I can before I go full pale again by the end of September. :P I just wish my new bikini would hurry up and get here. Stupid international shipping!

So, here's this two week's physical progression stats...

Shorter post than normal this time. I'm sure I'll have more to speak about come starting whichever job I end up getting next week. Take care, everyone. Be good! Love!

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