She's Kinda Hot *EOTWP*

24 July

Week 25
Week 25 has closed. Onward!

I'm about to go insane sitting in this apartment, in all honesty. I love to work, and I'm going crazy sitting here filling out application after job application - turning in CVs left and right. I do have a job interview next Friday, however. So, there at least is a shining beacon of light glimmering in the distance. It's for a position I'm a bit more suited for compared to that last interview. I hope it goes well. I'm getting desperate for work. But I won't start truly freaking out until 21 August...

Laughing all the way to the lake
I have loved getting to know my roommate on a more personal level during these last few weeks. I feel like she's becoming a real sister to me - something I've always wanted my entire life. Two nights ago, I had a breakdown lying in bed, and I basically cried myself to sleep, only to wake up the next morning doing more of the same. Dysphoria, feeling worthless not having a job, and overall discomfort of leaving everything behind in Jonesboro...Ruth was there to console me. Thank you. Hormones, gotta love 'em.

She and I went back to Lake Ouachita yesterday, too. This has been much needed relaxation time, and it's giving me lots of time to refocus and to learn to breathe easier. So many freckles are forming. I love it. Getting to be the real me in all of these differing environments has truly been exhilarating. Thankful for it all - even the yummy food, too!

Selfie on the road
Short shorts are the best
And aside from the interview next Friday, I also have my next gender clinic appointment next week. I'm super excited about seeing where my estrogen and testosterone levels sit. I'm really hoping my estrogen level has finally cracked that 250 pg/mL mark. I was at 182 at four months. Spiro was increased. Hopefully that helped further it along. I definitely feel like it has these past few weeks. We'll see. I'm gonna try to look super cute when I go in to see Dr. Cathey again. :)

Anyhoo, like always, I'll see you guys next week. Be good!

(Today's blog title comes courtesy of 5 Seconds of Summer's newest single that entered the charts today on BBC Radio 1.) :P

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