Let's Get Wet!

06 July

I debated waiting until Friday to post about this, but I've got other news for this weekend that I'll be able to talk about along with the end of the week progression.

But ANYWAY... Ruth and I went down to our apartment's pool to swim for a bit. YES, I finally got to do what I've always dreamt of doing - swim in public wearing a swimsuit appropriate for who I am. Like I told Ruth, it was crazy liberating. I've always been so jealous growing up, seeing all of these girls around me wear swimwear based on their physical sex...and me not being able to do the same without hysterical laughter, mockery, or just whatever thrown my way for having the anatomical sex of a boy.

It felt so good to finally be normal for once. But now I need my own cute sunglasses...and, of course, color. LOLs. I'm so pale! And hopefully, my boobs will grow a bit more before the end of the summer, too. But on to the other thing...

I can finally put my hair in a teeny-tiny ponytail! Haha, it's itty bitty, but I don't care. I love it. Pulling it back also helps cover the light area that still exists on the crown of my head. My hair is also starting to grow and fill in above my temples, too. Also a good thing.

One thing's for certain, though. Freckles on my arms and shoulders are popping up left and right after being in the sun for that short while today.

I want more. <3

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