I'm Smiling More *EOTWP*

10 July


I'm happier. It's been almost two weeks since I've arrived, and it's been utterly life-changing (aside from the hormones changing things...LOLs). I do miss my supportive friends there in northeast Arkansas, though. I always will. But I'm much better off changing physical locales. This move was drastically needed, and I'm happy things have worked out as they have. I wouldn't change a thing...other than having a job. Speaking of...

For those that don't follow me on the Facebooks, yesterday's interview with a television advertising agency went well. Though I'm sure I might have come off as a bit perplexed at a question or two thrown my way. I'm a writer. I don't do well with public speaking. I never have, and I never will. Anyhoo, the position is for an assistant copywriter - something that's right up my alley. Let's give you lot some back story...

During my late teenage years, I used to gather with my younger brother, my childhood friend, and local friends in the Brookland area to film ourselves putting on a backyard wrestling federation. Yes, lame. But at the time, it was super fun. Can't believe I'm even talking about this, but it has major emphasis directly tied to my career interests.

So, we took this very seriously. So serious, in fact, that I, along with my childhood friend (hey Matt!), would write incredibly detailed scripts - nailing down each backstage interview, outside arena segments, etc. I would write down the actual lines of dialog and any actions that went along with them. It was crazy fun. I loved that aspect of our backyard wrestling league more than anything else. I was super intricate with timing, lighting, and how the dialog was spoken. I probably came off as a bit of a control freak, but I wanted it done right so that it looked good on camera - as good as a bunch of goofy puberty-laden teenagers could do, of course. :P

You see, writing has always been such an important part of my life. Whether it was through song writing and music, writing my own fan-fiction Mario Bros. stories as an adolescent, these goofy backyard wrestling shows, my studies in journalism in college, or even this blog and the various online journals I've kept in the past...writing is what I'm good at. It's what I feel the most comfortable pursuing. I love it. I just despise that my previous work history doesn't show or prove that.

Anyway, gotta go get ready. Señor Tequila for a birthday get-together tonight. Should be fun. See ya, lovelies. Be good!

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