I'm Finally Home *EOTWP*

03 July

I'm here! :D <3

Finally. And oops, I almost forgot that it was Friday, and that I do my end of the week progression post for you lovely human beings. This brings week 22 to a close as well. Five and a half months down. So, SO many more to go. I was talking to some friends of mine earlier on Facebook about my boob development, too. It's strange. I'm super patient when it comes to all of these physical and mental changing aspects...with the exception of one - my boobs. I want these girls NOW. But I know I can't have that just yet. Just keep with the steady path, Anna. You can do it.

I have new car insurance now! Haha. My family kicked me off of theirs. I was always a part of theirs, as they knew it helped me get by financially, since I've always struggled. Now I get to pay more and struggle more. And I'm jobless! (I promise there's no cynicism, really.)

But even with that final figurative nail in the coffin from my parents, I'm super happy now. Why? Because I'm 135 miles away from insanity. Yes, there's some of it here in the Little Rock area (as there is everywhere in this country of ours), but I'm nowhere near all of that conservative, religious extremist nonsense anymore. Fundamentalist Christians scare me to death. They're delusional.

So, this apartment. I. Flipping. Love. It. T.C. does, too, he just doesn't realize it yet. (He's asleep on the floor next to me in my room as I write this blog post.) :P But yeah, it's so wonderful here. Living in a two-floor townhouse is as great as I knew it was going to be. And my roommate, Ruth, is just all kinds of fantastic. And let me tell you about her culinarian capabilities...oh, goodness. I've always fancied myself as someone fairly knowledgeable around a kitchen, but I feel super intimidated by her skills. I suppose I'll focus on baking then. It's what I prefer, after all. LOLs. But seriously, Ruth and Phillip have been so good to me since I've arrived. Moving day was incredibly strenuous (I owe them ice cream for that one...or another round of Five Guys), and I tried getting everything unpacked and put away as fast as I could - all so I could start being the wonderful roommate that I know I am. I'm a crazy clean and neat freak. I'm sure Ruth will appreciate that. Haha.

And despite how crazy and tiring the first week has been, I've been out job searching already, too. I've turned in a handful of applications and CVs, and I actually have an interview sometime next week for one of my job prospects - they're supposed to call me to set it up soon. Definitely ready to have a source of income again. My vacation payout from Hob Lob isn't gonna last forever. :/

But anyway, here's the two-week stats!

Most notable change is definitely the waist. My torso fluctuates so much, though, that an inch coming off of that isn't a big deal to me. Once those angular curves start appearing via my hips...then I'll start jumping for joy. Not quite yet, however. In due time. :)

So. Fireworks tomorrow with Ruth and Phillip and friends (hopefully it won't rain!) And then I think there's something going on Sunday afternoon/evening downtown. I'm sure I'll let ya know next week.

Until then, see ya space cowboy. ;) Be good. <3

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