A Lake, Good Friends, and Margaritas *EOTWP*

17 July

Week 24
I have freckles on my HANDS now. This is just nuts. But I love it. The past couple of weeks have just been incredible...despite being unemployed. But I've been enjoying the company of my wonderful roommate and her boyfriend. They keep me entertained. :) This past week, Ruth and I (and Phillip on Sunday) traveled to Lake Ouachita near Hot Springs, Arkansas. Absolutely beautiful lake and scenery, and I took it all in as much as I could. And it was great to hang out with Molly for a bit on Thursday as well! She's always fun.
It's beautiful out here!

Crazy girls
I love this lake!
I have less stress now. I'm sure it's a combination of not being located in northeast Arkansas anymore, coupled with no longer being employed by Hobby Lobby...but nonetheless, definitely less stress. And this is a very good thing. So, on to the monthly progression series!

I'm half of a year into transitioning now. Everything just feels wonderful. Aggression is gone. My nerves have calmed so much. I enjoy life now. That nasty testosterone and I just didn't mix. But the goal is to keep progressing, and that's exactly what I'm going to do. I wouldn't have it any other way. Very happy with my progression thus far. I must stay positive, though. Must.

As for physical stats at the six month mark...I've gained another pound - with my bust and waist measurements rising ever so slightly. Yay for bust increase! Grow, boobies, GROW! I'm definitely thrilled to see that increase.

I never heard back from that television production agency for a second interview. I probably wasn't chosen. No big deal. I received an email today concerning a proofreader position with a local health clinic here in Little Rock. I can finally put my grammar Nazi skills to the test! I'm hoping to hear more concerning that in the coming days. *fingers crossed*

I'll see you guys next week. Until then... be good! <3

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