One Week To Go! *EOTWP*

19 June

With week 20 brought to an end, this ends five months on hormones. Oh my goodness, the changes so far...yayay! I am a hormonal mess, however. I cry SO much now - at the tiniest of things. And my feelings get wrecked so easily by the slightest of misgendering occurrences. All of these occurrences have been from people who knew me from before, and they were all done accidentally and in an instinctual manner - but it completely tears me up each time.

I also have been having severe leg cramps again. So severe, that it wakes me up in the middle of the night, causing me to escape my stand up, pressing against my bedside dresser to put pressure against muscle pain. It helps, but it leaves me so incredibly sore. The past few days have developed a left foot soreness as well. I'll be beyond thrilled once all of this muscle pain passes. :/

On to the progression set!

Wow. As Ruth told me, somewhere between months three and four, my face really started to take shape. Of course, it's all nowhere near finished, but she's right. I'm SO happy with all of the changes thus far. Month one and month five are like night and day! That's crazy! Much, much happier. That's for sure. This crazy girl can't stop smiling. :D

Seriously. I do not get this boob progression of mine. I've had the same bust size for the last ten weeks, but my boobs are clearly getting larger. I'm also starting to gain a small bit of weight - nothing has changed with my this definitely has my curiosity piqued. It better be the start of my butt and hips coming to fruition! I'm watching you, you sneaky genetic code, you. Watch yourself. :P

Oh, and I finally went to get my eyes checked, since I knew hormones have caused a bit of change within my eyes. My optometrist was beyond shocked to see my astigmatism value has wildly changed. But let me explain. My optometrist - whom I've used for the past decade and more - had no clue who I was. I even filled out new paperwork as a new patient (since the legal name change and all), and they took a measurement of the glasses I wore in that day. These glasses are from the previous prescription from almost two years ago that he wrote out for me. So, he was totally shocked to see these new numbers charted compared to what my glasses measured out as. He was all...

"Okay. I've been doing this for a long time now. And I...I have to say that I know what I'm doing when getting these numerical values measured properly. And I get them right 100 percent of the time. Really. But I do not understand why your glasses are measured with this value, when what I just took of your eyes is so drastically different. This isn't normal."

Me: (not wanting him to know the truth, since he couldn't tell who I was) "Umm, maybe it was a manufacturing issue. I did by them from Zenni Optical online."
Him: "Ah, well, there you go. I just don't trust those online retailers most of the time. That definitely could be it." *still with the extremely puzzled look*
Me: *giggles on the inside*

So, yup. New eyes. Crazy reshaped corneas. My axis values for astigmatism have wildly changed. See for yourself. :)

On the left is my old prescription for contacts - left eye with a axis of 20, and the right with 130. Now look at the new numbers. Crazy! No wonder things were getting blurry and hard to focus in on - giving me massive headaches all at once. It's much better now, though. All good.

So, that should do it for the five month mark entry. I'll have one more blog post left in this apartment for next week...capping off week 21 and also bringing to a close seven long years of living in this wonderfully eventful apartment of mine. After that, I'll be a resident of Little Rock. Yay! New life, new experiences, new friends and family, new ME. Let's-a-go! (that's my Mario impression.)

See ya, lovelies. <3

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