I'm Moving On *EOTWP*

26 June

Today marks quite a spectacular day in history for Americans. We've finally joined the rest of the logically-minded world, and have allowed marriage to be legal and equal for all human beings in this country. Such a wonderful feeling that no one will be discriminated against in terms of whether or not they should be allowed to marry. Perfecto.

I suppose that news ties in to the title of this post, as America can now move on to other important social matters - starving children, gun control, prison allotments, oh...and that one social issue that's incredibly important to me and many others. Yup, transgender equality and healthcare reform. We'll get there soon. I'd love to think within the next five to 10 years, as a transgender girl, I could have my health insurance fully cover and support any surgeries, prescriptions, and cosmetic needs (yes, laser facial hair removal/electrolysis should definitely be covered, as it pertains to the overall health of a trans person's life.) But we shall see.

In terms of the other half of this blog post's title? The time is nigh upon us! One day of work is all that I have left to go at the Lob. Tomorrow's closing night (my last Saturday ever!) should be bittersweet. I almost cried earlier today as I hugged Dex and told him, "It has been a joy and honour working beside you, good sir." I had to walk away so the tears wouldn't fall. I'm sure he understood. :P

I'm gonna severely miss my coworker friends. I've developed some incredibly strong bonds with a few of them, and they've been so wonderful to me concerning my transition and initial coming out. But the job? Nah. This will be the second time I leave the Lob, and this time is for good. My move to Little Rock is for a fresh start; a redo at life with new friends and faces who know nothing of the previous me - where hearing my birth name said to me in conversation, accidentally, will be a thing of the past. No more getting misgendered, no more Jesusland. Yes yes, I know I'll still technically be in the Bible Belt, but I'll be surrounded by a more liberal, progressive-thinking populace. That notion excites me too much. And I'm looking forward to it. Now...I just need to land a new job. Eck.

So, as cliché as it sounds...I'll see you guys on the flip side. 135 miles away, to be exact. Be good!

"I'm Moving On" is also my favourite Rascal Flatts song. :P

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