Gimme a Job! (Please?) *EOTWP*

05 June

Week 18 is complete. Yay! But wow, what a disheartening, and yet, extremely rewarding week it's been. So, let's begin.

Monday started off with an immense amount of optimism from yours truly. Optimism for a full-time job transfer within the company I work for. So, my manager calls me into his office early Monday morning to tell me the news. No transfer. I cried. All morning long. My heart was destroyed. Mainly because I knew that later that afternoon, I'd be driving to Little Rock to sign lease papers and pay deposits on the apartment Ruth and I were getting. And well, I told him I'd give him an answer by the end of the week as to what path I would be taking going forward.

I called the other store manager and spoke to him myself about a possible part-time transfer position. He said he didn't even want to consider that for me because it wouldn't be fair for me - considering how long I've been with the company...and the drastic cut in pay and hours I would take in doing so. I told him, "Look. I'm seriously desperate. I need to get to Little Rock soon. A friend of mine and I recently got an apartment together there, and I'm in dire need of something. Anything." He told me that once his district manager comes back after the weekend, he'll talk to him about doing just that. Said he can definitely make that move.

Good. I'll just get a second job. As a trans girl. Yes, it's going to be difficult. But this is Little Rock after all. A bit more progressive of a city than small town Jonesboro. So, who knows? We'll see. I've been applying and turning in résumés all week long upon hearing about my non-transfer, and I've been denied once - but that was a design position - something I'm not too keen about pursuing. But I'm uber-positive, and I expect great things to come my way in the immediate future. All I really know for certain is that I will no longer be living in this area by the end of the month. For sure. Moving is going to be a pain. Yay for friends. ;)

And here's this two week period's stats progression...

Not much of a change. But like last time, my boobs are ever slowly getting bigger. So, rib cage must be's the only thing I can think is occurring. Unless it's the muscle density around my rib cage that's shrinking? But I was never built that way to begin with. clue. Oh well! Bigger boobs are definitely what I want. LOLs

See you guys next week. Be good! :)

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