This Is an Inkling Test *EOTWP*

09 May

Hello again! My hair is getting poofy. I love it.

I go back to Little Rock for my third gender clinic visit about a week and a half from now. I am crazy excited about this. Not only because I'm expecting my estradiol dosage to increase and for Dr. Cathey to see me living authentically, but I get to finally meet my new family of friends! So, SOOOO beyond ecstatic about that. I might cry upon hugging them, but I'll try to contain myself the best that I can. (Probably not, I've always been overly emotional.)

Though still short, it's incredible to see (and feel) this journey unravelling its path...and taking each step of each day as a momentous occasion - whether or not something major happens each day. It's been a thrill. And I smile constantly every turn or bump in the road.

Oh, update on the redness from the sixth laser session. It's gone now. :) And shaving on the second day after was much easier than previous, too. Much less sensitivity, which is a great thing.

I'm ready for boob cleavage. Seriously. Any day now, girls. Do your thing. I'm waiting.

Another oh...I don't respond to my birth name any more. I just don't. It's not who I identify as. Even if you slip up - I'm trying to help you become more aware. You have to get this right. Please, PLEASE try harder. It means so much to me for you to get it right. Please!

I've shrunk again. It's minuscule in value, but I am getting smaller. I'm under 5'9" now, and it feels wonderful. But the strange thing is my bust size. The number stayed the same, but they're slightly bigger in size than two weeks ago. This makes me think my rib cage is starting to shrink and become more feminine in stature. I am developing a bit more of an angle downward toward my waist now - despite my waist increasing by half an inch. I feel like I've been eating a LOT this past week. :P

So, I'll see you lovelies next week. Be good! <3

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