There And Back Again *EOTWP*

29 May

Corner jawline definitely starting to round off now. Makes me all too happy to see that. And my chin isn't flat at all any more, yay. But before I get into the details of my trip back to Little Rock, I have this to show for those that don't follow me on Facebook...

Three very wonderful friends of mine from Little Rock had flowers delivered to me while I was at work. I have longed so much for flowers to be given to me while at work. In the past, I've always gotten jealous of girls who received them, so it was such an incredible feeling to actually receive them myself. Thank you so much, Ruth, Phillip, and Molly. You made this girl's entire month. ^_^

So, yup. Trip back to Little Rock... this was my first visit to the gender clinic at UAMS as ME me. No boy mode, no boy attire, etc... all of that is now gone and dead in the past finally. Yes yes. So, Dr. Cathey entered the exam room with her back to me as she was shutting the door, and she says...

Dr. C: "Okay, Anna..." *turns and sees who's actually sitting there* 
A: "Well, hello, Dr. Cathey." *big smile w/ cheeks flaring*
Dr. C: "Oh my goodness! Ahhhh, I just... I you look so good!"
A: *giggle* "Thank you."
Dr. C: "Oh my. I can't get over..." (she's at a loss of words, but smiling so much) "You know, you look really cute."
A: "Thank you, Dr. Cathey. You've helped get me here."

She then starts asking me about how I'm feeling mentally and physically, asking what non-visible changes have taken place...

Dr. C: "So, are...?" *she points at my chest*
A: "Well, it's a push-up bra, so they're definitely appearing bigger, but yup, these are my real boobs."
Dr. C: "Oh, yay! I'm so excited for you! Well, you look incredible."

Side note: You kind of have to understand why she's beyond ecstatic to see who she saw in that room...because this is what she saw at the last visit during the two month mark...

But yes, she was thrilled to see the changes - as am I, of course. I don't even remember what it felt like to be that previous person...yes, even after four full months of hormone replacement. I literally cannot recall to you what it felt like to live in that body. Things make so much more sense now. All I can tell you is that it felt wrong, and I knew something needed to be done about it.

So, Dr. Cathey kept my dosage the same for the estradiol, but she doubled my spiro med (my t-blocker.) I should start seeing greater effects over the course of the next two months, and I definitely am looking forward to going back to see her at the end of July. And I got my lab results back today, too. My estrogen level isn't as high as we were shooting for, so I kind of have a feeling she might make an adjustment to my prescription tomorrow once she sees the results for herself. I hope so anyway.

After all of that, I headed over to Phillip's place to meet up with him and Ruth. We went out to eat and have drinks at this wonderful Mexican restaurant called La Hacienda. I had a margarita. I also got tipsy. Ruth is a beast when it comes to those. I'm jealous. Haha. But it was so good! Anyway, I look forward to more of that place once I move down there within the next month. :)

That's all for now, I suppose. Love you guys, and be good! <3

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