Ready. Steady. Go!

07 May

Top Left: Dec. '09 / Bottom Left: Feb. '15 / Right: 7 May 2015
My natural look has changed considerably from a couple of weeks after starting hormones to now - and even more so from almost six years ago. Though I'm halfway through month four now, I'm super excited to see where I'll be at the end of month six. Months four to six bring big facial changes after all. :)

Woke up this morning and logged onto my UAMS account to see if I had any messages leading in to my forthcoming gender clinic trip back to Little Rock, and I noticed my account name had finally been changed to my legal name. Yay! I'm assuming they received all of my documentation last week and were able to fully get it processed. Feels good to get that part over with now.

Left: Yesterday (post laser session) / Right: This morning

Had my sixth and final laser hair removal session yesterday (though, I did plan a seventh), and they definitely cranked up the strength of the laser for this treatment. Typically, my skin heals fairly quickly, and by the next day I'm completely healed over. Not so much this time, however. Still some pink discolouration this morning, but my face and neck feels much day later compared to previous sessions. But yup, those nasty, terrible hair follicles on my chin just will not go away. They're a really dark red colour - which should make it easy for the laser to zap them - but for some reason, they just won't die. I'm afraid I'm going to need electrolysis to rid myself of those.

I also applied to a couple of more jobs in the Little Rock area. There's an advertising copywriter position for Dillard's Corporate that I would be great for, so maybe I'll hear something back soon. I want and need this! Got to escape this area.

I'll be back tomorrow (or Saturday!) for the end of the week progression. Be good, everyone! Love. <3

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