Not Confusing At All

03 May

I feel the need to clear up a few things. First off, I love my family immensely. Those two, front and center, are the ones who gave me life in this imperfect world. And I greatly appreciate them.

My mother is a warrior. Two bouts with breast cancer, and she's overcome it all. She's taught me strength, and it's because of her I discovered that overcoming adversity - no matter what trials I might go through - would lead me to fulfilling my life. And in this case, knowing who I am inside...getting it to reflect outwardly, physically, would be my battle.

And I'd say I'm fighting that fight quite well now. :)

And my father. Oh my gosh, my father. Talk about a man who completely turned every single aspect of his life around for the better. He's been my number one inspiration in this enduring battle of mine. If he can change it all around for the better, then I most certainly can as well. And I'm doing just that.

I know they care for me and want the utmost happiness in my life. But they want it from their perspective of how life should be. Their indoctrination from southern churches in this country - both southern Baptist and Penticostal/Assembly of God - have shaped their minds to be unaccepting of people who are different. Yes, they'll say they love them, but showing/displaying it is a completely different matter. And they'll use the excuse of "love the sinner, hate the sin" as their means of doing so. Guess what, family? Jesus didn't hate ANY aspect of any human being on this Earth. I do recall that your good book even mentions Jesus sitting at a table having dinner with prostitutes, thieves, etc...treating every single of one of them the same - with love and kindness.

My siblings are the ones who scare me the most, however. Because that's how indoctrination works in a world that is greatly shifting its attitude toward being more accepting of differing people. As newer generations come about, the traits of indoctrination they've been taught from parents - and from their grandparents, and so on - becomes more intensified. And this intensity creates hatred and bigotry. Because fear of something one refuses to understand can cause some crazy, negative reactions (see: the Duggers, the Robertson clan, Glenn Beck, etc.) This happens, because they're gasping for those collective last bits of air in a culture war that is pushing them aside.

This is why I always say be good and to just love one another. Because ultimately, that's all that matters in life.

I know my family loves and cares for me. And I reciprocate that back to them, too. There's just some misguided, preconceived perceptions of how life is supposed to be, coming from them. That's all. Hopefully, in time, they'll come to realise how huge of a mistake it is pushing me out from the family - they're missing out on a wonderful person's new life flourishing!

So. As good, and love one another, always. Until next time, lovelies. ^_^

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