New Friends and Wine *EOTWP*

22 May

Wednesday, I capped off the end of month four by driving down to Little Rock (in some very heavy rain, mind you) to meet a very special group of people. I say special because they hold a place in an intricate, important part of my heart and mind. All of them made me feel very welcomed, and I came home that night with a couple of tears built up in my eyes. I already love them all.

But yup, I started the day off by meeting up with Ruth (my future roommate) and her boyfriend, Phillip, and her friend, Molly - all incredible human beings. Phillip greeted me at the door, and then immediately donned a pastel pink coloured cowboy hat...and I knew I was in great company. :P "Perfect," I thought, "I'm already feeling comfortable." :)

So, we set out to go look at apartments, had lunch at a local place called Leo's, and then ran around a bit more. I was even able to run by one of the Hob Lobs there and talk to their store manager about getting a transfer - it sounded like a fairly positive talk, so hopefully I'll hear something soon. Afterwards, we went back to an apartment community we looked at earlier in the day...and turned in an application. The unit Ruth and I looked at is a two-floor townhouse that is absolutely awesome (that kitchen counter space, yo!) T.C.'s gonna love the stairs, too. Can't wait. Hopefully we'll hear something after the first of the month. *fingers crossed*

To end the day (for me anyway), we headed over to Cajun's Wharf to meet up with some of the new friends I've made these last several months. And it was such a joy and honour to meet these lovely ladies, too. Tracy, Laney, Reda, Annette, and guys made me so happy and feel so welcomed into your circle. I can't wait to get to know all of you even better after I move down there. And even the ones who weren't able to make it out (get better soon, Lynne!)...all of you have made this girl feel immensely special over the last five months. Thank you.

Two week measurements. Here ya go. :)

And to bring this blog post to a close, the monthly progression shot.Yay, corners of my jawline are rounding off now! Cheeks puffier, too. :P

This quote from To Kill a Mockingbird is perfectly descriptive of northeast Arkansas. Keep in mind, there are good people here - but they're so outnumbered by conservative, backward-thinking people. When you find a good one, hold on to them. :) I wish I could take my good ones with me to Little Rock (even you, Beau.)

See ya, space cowboy.

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