Large Lime Slush *EOTWP*

15 May

Week 15 came to a close Wednesday evening into the early morning hours, and I'm now in the final week of month four. FOUR whole months. Crazy. Time is just flying by, and life feels like a blur since starting to live authentically a month and a half ago. I don't know what to do with myself, honestly, other than continuing to smile and being happy that I'm finally discovering who I am outwardly. It's incredible.

So many aspects internally and externally have changed already. I feel brand new. My thinking has changed. Mood has changed. I've become more relaxed. I'm happy and in a cheery mood probably 95 percent of each day ... with the other small percentage being just content. Hah. I've lost my mental connection for initial physical attraction that 99.9 percent of males carry. Instead, I bond more with emotional connections now - that's what I'm attracted to initially. I love it. I'll see a beautiful woman (all women are beautiful) in the store, for instance, and I'll have a mental thought of "Oh, she's pretty," but I won't have that internal hormonal push for physical attraction. Instead, I follow up with "Gawd, I love those shoes. And that skirt. And that top! I love her style!"  Yup. :P

Externally, my complexion (especially in my face) has cleared up and softened greatly. My cheekbones are more defined. My trapezium muscles are slowly diminishing. Hair growing faster (and coming in finally - thanks, finasteride!) I have boobs. Yay. My lips are fuller. I carry myself differently now. My walk is more proper and graceful. No more clunky and hunched over walking, gone. I speak more with my hands. My inflection and lilt in my voice is developing faster now (not a hormone thing...just confidence from hormones.) My weight is starting its initial dispersement to my lower abdomen, hips, and butt now. So beyond happy about that. Coarse hairs that used to be are no longer coarse...developing into vellus hairs (the blonde, barely visible hairs.) Body hair on my torso is disappearing - and on my butt, too! Thank jeebus, ugh. Gross. :P

I am discovering one aspect that's been driving me crazy, though. Wearing my contacts is starting to prove difficult and annoying. Maybe the shape of my cornea is changing? I'm not sure if this is a thing or not, really. It's okay, honestly, as I don't mind wearing my glasses. But I definitely do prefer wearing contacts over glasses. I think I'm due for a prescription update anyway. I may go back soon to see what's changed exactly.

I suppose that brings this EOTWP post to a close. Next week, I'll post the monthly progression photo set and transition measurements, too. Excited about that. Anyhoo, be good! Love! <3

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