Grow, Little Plant, Grow!

04 May

(Left: 4 May 2015 / Middle: 9 Feb. 2015 / Right: Bushy hair!)

The finasteride is definitely starting to work its mojo. It's in the beginning stages of regrowth, but you can clearly tell it's effective. Keep in mind, in the middle photo from February, I hadn't started finasteride yet, but was almost two weeks on hormone replacement by that point - wouldn't have really made a difference for my hair anyway. I should see some better progress as month two of that finishes out heading into month three. Looking forward to getting my hair back, totally.

As for the third photo, it's getting bushy! I love it.

I've been having fairly severe muscle cramps in my legs that wake me up in the middle of the night. So much so, that I have to immediately hop out of bed and apply pressure to my legs - pressing into the floor, using my hands on my knees (that probably makes no sense.) Then I go back to sleep, and then wake up hours later with super sore calves and thighs. This whole ordeal started a couple of weeks ago. I did post about losing some inches in height. Maybe that's what is going on. Not sure. Potassium deficiency? Hmmm. My trapezium muscles were hurting fairly badly last week, too. Thought my neck pain I've always had was coming back. But nope. Maybe it's the start of my muscle definition dwindling. Please oh please oh please oh please, YES. (Editor's note: She's tired of looking like Hillary Swank training for Million Dollar Baby.)

Anyhoo. Take care, er'body. See ya! <3

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