Encourage, Compliment, and Foster *EOTWP*

01 May

Cray cray hair, don't care. :P

A very wonderful woman I've grown up with in life - my brother and I went to school with her daughter - came across the new, real me today while at work. She's been following my blog (thanks!) I could see the shock in her eyes, and the tears starting to form. But I felt that it was a very encouraging talk I had with her...though I wish her daughter would have spoken to me a bit more (she seemed busy tending to her little ones.) I tried as best as I possibly could in the short amount of time I had to explain things from a realistic perspective. I hope it helped. She left smiling...though I'm sure there was worry with it...but she complimented me on my complexion and overall look. Made this girl feel super good about herself. She seemed amazed at my progress thus far.

It's only going to get better, too. :)

So, I've covered the first two parts to this blog post's title - but what about the third?

Aside from Foster being my last name, this forthcoming message is for all of the parents out there - whether you've been one for a long time, just starting out, or are forthcoming with a child soon. Please listen and understand...

By all means, foster growth in your children. Don't sit back expecting them to just randomly, mentally and physically grow on their own. Get involved in their lives, but don't forcefully choose their path for them. Let them discover this crazy world we live in on their own, but direct them positively in doing so.

I never had this growing up. And I've always been immensely jealous of classmates in school and friends now in my adult life who've had that proper, positive direction in their lives. I was biblically preached at constantly as a child. And for a child with a very logically-thought mindset, I immediately recognised that as a mess of pish-posh. This caused me to stick vehemently with video games, and I, in turn, developed my own growth through all of the crazy, digital fantasy worlds I experienced. It's what truly sparked my creativity as I developed. And I'm thankful for that. I'm greatly appreciative of Nintendo. As goofy as that sounds. :P

But there is one story I remember quite well from my childhood involving my father. In year two (1st grade for you non-Brits :P), he signed me up to play teeball. I distinctly remember going to our first practise, and seeing all of the other boy players/classmates show up to play. I immediately felt nervous and wondered why there weren't other girls showing up to play. Then these two little Warren girls arrived...and I started feeling more at ease about playing. Christina and Kit, thanks. :)

And I've, honestly, been this way my entire life about getting involved in events and whatnot. Always uneasy because of who I was. Don't remind me about oral communications class in high school. Ugh. But thankfully, that is changing now, and for the better.

Thought I'd share that little bit of my life with you lovelies. See ya, space cowboy. ^_~

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