Cosplay, Ahoy!

18 May

Drat. UAMS called me today to tell me my doctor isn't going to be in on Wednesday, and to find out when to reschedule. This was going to pose a problem since I was going down to Little Rock for multiple events this Wednesday, but I've decided that I'm going to go ahead and trek down there anyway. Why? Because I've got some truly wonderful people I CANNOT wait to meet any longer! And Ruth and I are going to look at apartments earlier in the day, too - so there's that aspect as well.

So excited! And hopefully I can get my clinic visit rescheduled for next Wednesday ... which means I'll have to switch work week schedules/hours with Dex (my craft department cohort in crime.) Surely he'll comply, as I helped him out with switching several weeks back. (I know he reads my blog.) :P

Boobs! There are so many wonderful boobs of all sorts of shapes and sizes. Yup. LOLs

ANYWAY... Ya know, I'm very glad my insurance covers a good portion of the costs for clinic visits and my prescriptions... and blood work/labs cost me nothing. I feel very fortunate in that regard. Just felt like throwing that out there...for those that are curious. Now if health insurance didn't cost me so much per month...America, yippee. :/

My name isn't a mask. Never has been, never will be. Good day to you all. Be good! Oh, and love! :)

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