This Isn't a Fairy Tale *EOTWP*

11 April

Holy poop, the facial changes are really kicking in now. Yay! I'll be glad when those trapezius muscles in my shoulders shrink down in size over the coming months, though. They still slant a little too much for my tastes. Ugh. And I'm not even buff to begin with! :P

My cheekbone structure, eyes, and mouth are the most changed aspects of my face so far. Well, that, and my skin complexion, too. I'm shinier. :) But jeebus, if that finasteride doesn't begin kickstarting the dormant hair follicle growth...I just might flip over a few trash can lids in disgust. Yes, that disastrous. It's a promise.

I have a little brother, you guys. And he's wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, that he's super excited about his new teenage sister. :D I'll definitely take that! <3 I cannot wait...seriously, CANNOT wait until I get to meet my incredible new family in Little Rock - and that doesn't just go for Lynne and my awesome new little brother, but for all of the lovelies in the Little Rock area that have shown me their undying love and support. You guys seriously mean the world to me. Every last stinking one of you. :D

I'm too tired to check my end of the two weeks' measurements, but I'm excited to see where I stand (literally, hah) tomorrow morning when I do check. Mainly, because my two girls are developing at a faster pace now than before - I'm almost an A cup now! So exciting.

Do I begin waist training soon? Or wait to see if hormones decrease my rib cage size in the coming months? Would it hurt to start it now? Did Monty Python ever truly find the holy grail? Wait, what?

See ya, you sweet, little rascals. Be good! Love ya! <3

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