The Good Uncle

14 April

Left: 13 Apr. 2015 / Right: 24 Dec. 2009

I posted this comparison shot yesterday to my Twitter feed and to a private group I'm a part of on Facebook, and it's mind-blowing to me, the changes that have taken place thus far. For example, my forehead has smoothed over (entire skin complexion, actually), my eyebrows are growing in fuller - sitting higher above my eyes, cheekbone tissue has formed giving me fuller, more feminine cheeks, and my lips have filled out and gotten softer. My friend, Leah, pointed out that my eye structure has changed...that they don't look as deeply inset any more. I agree. My neck has thinned immensely, too, but that probably has more to do with my push for weight loss than anything else. Anyhoo, I'm so happy with the changes made so far, and am incredibly excited about what the future holds! Hormones, for the win!

So, here's a very sweet, little story for you guys. I'm standing there at work yesterday ordering stock for my department, and out of the corner of my eye, I notice an older man standing several aisles down staring at me. This weirded me out a bit, so I turn to quickly look his way, and then go back immediately to ordering. He walks away, but I didn't realise where he was going until a minute later...when he decided to stand at the end of my aisle and gaze my way while I continued working. I'm freaking out at this point, trying to do my job with some old guy staring at me. I push on...he steps closer. I look over out of the corner of my eye...he steps even closer. So, I've finally had enough, and just as I was about to say something harsh to get this crazy man to go away, I directly look his way, and my mouth goes agape...


He has the most concerned look on his face. And then he smiles.

"Come here. I wanna hug you."

You wonderful people have GOT to stop making me want to cry. Seriously. :P  My Uncle Kenny is one of my mom's four brothers - with him being the second oldest of the bunch, I think (late 60s, maybe). He tells me he's not into that whole techno-mumbo-jumbo-Facebook-stuff, but that he's heard plenty of negative things from the family, that he's had enough, and wanted to come see me for himself. He told me that everything is going to be okay, and to just continue being patient with my mom - despite her intense belief that who and what I am is wrong.

"You have to understand, hon, your mom and I come from a generation that just doesn't get it. I do, though. I've seen so much stuff working on the force, it would blow your mind. But I've heard so many things from the family so far, and I wanted to come see...Anna...for myself. You'll be fine, hon."

I LOVE that he kept calling me "hon." He only ever calls women in the family by that term. So respectful of who I am. I do love my Uncle Kenny. Such a great man. <3

I'll see you lovelies this weekend for the EOTWP. Take care, and be good! :)

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