The Breaking Point

08 April

Negative words are stepping stones for the people at which they are directed. They help you build a bridge over the people who threw them. - Hannah K. Stevenson

I've been exiled from my family.

Not completely. But harsh, terrible, bigotry-injected words were said to me yesterday after certain events transpired. And I was told to never come around again. I think my legal name change and living authentically terrifies my family. For what reasons, I have no clue. I mean, I'm happy now! Life feels wonderfully exciting for once. And love is always the key. Always. My family doesn't understand that, and they completely refuse to do so. Fine.

I'm moving on. There's a better life waiting for me elsewhere. And I intend to obtain it. I will. Because I can.

You see that girl above? She's BEYOND happy now. It shows in the intricate nuances of her face. She's ecstatic, really. I kid you not. And you know what the truly glorious aspect about her is...? She loves everyone - compassionately and respectfully. And she expects the same in return.

Applying for jobs in the Little Rock area now, too. I've desperately got to get out of here - safety reasons and all. Certain people here scare me to bits. I can't have that. I've a new family in the Rock that cares for me immensely and wants to see me succeed. So, I'll go to that.

None so deaf as those that will not hear. None so blind as those that will not see. - Matthew Henry
See ya. :)

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