Pierced With an Arrow

22 April

So, I shared this with my wonderful girlfriends on the Facebooks, and I was convinced to share it on my blog as well. smile emoticon
A physically-handicapped (as in, unable to walk) gentleman came strolling past me in a wheelchair at work as I was ordering one of my aisles. He backs up to get my attention, signalling me his direction, and the conversation went like this...
Him: "Excuse me, Miss."
Me: "Yes, sir, is there anything I could help you with?"
Him: "Could you give me a push down this aisle?" (the aisle I was ordering on)
Me: "Well, *giggle*...sure, I suppose!"
Him: "Hey, what...what is that book right there?" (it's too high for him to reach)
Me: "Oh! Here, let me get that for you."
Him: "Hmm...nah, this isn't really what I want. Hey, do you know where the jewelry stuff is at?"
Me: "Sure. It's just a couple of aisles over in that direction."
Him: "Do you think you could be a sweetheart and push me over there?" (I honestly was hesitant at first, and only because I was struggling to get my order done...I was WAY behind.)
Me: "Well, of course. I'll show you right where it's located, sir!"
Him: "Oh, thank you, thank you. It means a lot to me for you to do this. You sure a sweet, little lady. And you're a really pretty lady, too." (At this point, I wanted to giggle hysterically and cry tears of happiness and do the craziest happy girl dance I could muster...but.. an ear-to-ear grin had to suffice.) tongue emoticon
Me: "Awww, well, thank you, sir. That's really nice of you to say so." (So, I kindly push him over to our jewelry department.) "Here you go, sir! It's this side and the next side as well."
Him: "Oh, you are just the best. You've been such a wonderful little lady to me. Thank you, thank you. And my legs thank you."
I don't think in the entirety of my life...that I have ever been complimented so much for who I truly am. A girl needs that from time to time. I felt on top of the world. (Oh, and I did come back to my aisle and proceed with a happy girl dance. Because..yeah.) smile emoticon

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