Let's Set Some Things Straight...

24 April

I'll let the video do the talking.

As I said in the video above, the two photos show how very real everything is that I'm going through. I've been receiving some anonymous messages on my blog from someone who's apparently too small to confront me with their actual name, and these messages are pertaining to me "being unhappy" and how "everything I'm doing is fake." So, as a very wonderful friend of mine questioned on Facebook earlier tonight, I'll ask it, too...

Why in the WORLD would I want to develop boobs and have my penis converted into a neo-vagina, if I wasn't abso-flipping-lutely 100 trillion percent positive about my transgender status?

No cisgender male would go through with this.  Why? Because THEY IDENTIFY AS MALE. DUH. I am a transgender girl, born at birth with the anatomical sex of male, but with a female developed brain. Once again, I have known this MY ENTIRE LIFE. So, please, PLEASE quit acting derpy.

I mean, I've got a legal name change, for crying out loud. I'm officially Anna Claire Foster! ME. The real me! Hooray! Yay! I've only got a couple of more legal documents left to have it officially changed there, too, and I'm ecstatic about finally being done with that aspect. Friends weren't kidding when they said it'd take about a month or so to get it all straightened out. Glad I'm almost there.

I've even been charting my physical progress as each two week time period passes. I'll do week 12's tomorrow morning, as a matter of fact. Expect the number to increase in the bust department. That 34A bra I recently bought? I can fit into it now. Woohoo! Very excited about my girls developing further. Can't wait. :)

So, you want to see me thrilled and happy with life? Would you like to see this wonderful spirit of a girl smile from ear to ear - cheekbones flaring outward, making your knees tremble? Then invite me to come hang out with you. Or come step foot into my workplace at Hobby Lobby. I will gladly greet you with a hug and a smile. And you will see just how changed for the better a person's life truly can be.

だってばよ See ya, space cowboy.

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