It's Elementary, My Dear *EOTWP*

24 April

Happy girl. Yup yup. Three month mark has now hit, and I'm kicking off month four riding a huge high of happiness - of which I have never felt ever in my entire life. It is truly remarkable and unbelievable, not only how powerful HRT has been thus far, but how so very right it was for me to begin hormones. I'm becoming me. No no... me. The honest, true reality of me. It's hard to describe, and even though it was mere months ago, I don't remember what it feels like to be that previous, ugly persona. And I am beyond happy that it has been left to die in the past.

Let's talk bras! In the EOTWP photo above, I've got the girls sitting in their new A cup bra. LOLs. Still not filling it completely, but I'm right on the brink of it. Probably another week or so, and I'll be good to go - at least until I need to go up another size. (Yes, please!) And I very well might go ahead and shed using the prosthetics starting tomorrow. This makes me sad, as I really love how a C cup looks on my frame...but I'll get there again soon. Grow, boobies, grow! (Love ya, Ruth.) <3

Oooh, and thanks to my girlie, Tori, I've discovered a much better foundation to use for my skin. Covergirl's 3-in-1 Outlast/Stay Fabulous foundation does wonders for my pores (which are currently shrinking thanks to hormones.) And she gave me some tips on blush use - I'm still so very new to the makeups. :P And I also discovered that an eyeliner fine point felt-tip pen is a LOT easier for me to work with compared to pencils or liquid eyeliner brushes.

So, below is the monthly progression set of photos. Wow, look at the crazy difference in my chin from day two to now! And, of course, my cheekbone structure which began changing between the one and two month mark...things, they are-a-changing! My hair has gotten crazy soft, too (and longer!) One aspect that has been bothering me still is my muscle definition, though. I know in due time it will diminish, but it still grieves me. I've already lost all of this strength, I just wish the muscle density would match it. Hurry up! :P

Anyhoo, so begins month four! From now to the end of month six, crazy changes should start occurring in my face - and I'm so looking forward to that. (I'm looking forward to it all, really. Haha.)

Be good, everybody! See ya!

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