Fog and Pancakes *EOTWP*

18 April

You know, I think quite a bit about how this country was founded. (Side note: I care more about British culture and politics more than my own country's.) And it basically comes down to a populace of British citizens who were tired of being oppressed by their government back at home. So, these people decided to stand up for what they believe in - who and what they were - and became vocal about that very change ... a change they knew was absolutely for the betterment of their lives.

Sometimes you have to get vocal and stand up and fight for equality.

But in the meantime, these pancakes I'm scarfing down are delicious! :P

I'm getting more comfortable with my voice, too. Coming to work as my true self and socialising, helping customers on a daily basis is helping immensely with voice control. I still start out sluggish in the it begins to warm up...but after a bit, it really kicks in and becomes much more stabilised. I'm SOOOO soft-spoken, though. I can't really help it. In my head, it sounds incredibly loud and amplified.

I love when friends I haven't seen in a while finally see the real me for the first time. Those reactions and expressions always fill me with so much glee. And it thrills me when I see smiles come across their faces, too. (Thanks for the wonderful comments, Natalie.) <3

Almost an A cup now! I'm thinking probably two or three more weeks of development, and I can finally shed wearing these prosthetic boobies. It, probably be a shock to my co-workers, though, when I come in to work and my boobs have shrunk. LOLs. Hopefully I'll get back to that C cup size over the course of the next two years. :) But yes! This means I get to go bra shopping again! *squee*

Anyhoo, I'm gonna finish off these pancakes and watch some English footy. Be good, er'body! ^_^

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