The Twilight Princess (of Legality)

23 March

These two photos are from Saturday - after I came home from going out directly in public for the first time. I was so filled with excitement that it took me a while to calm down to take a decent photo or two (and the video from Saturday, of course.)

Oh! And it looks like I'll be pursuing my legal name change this week after all. I worry that the company I work for is going to give me a bit of strife concerning me dressing and living authentically, so I'm pushing that ahead to this Thursday. I have a gender therapy session that morning, but I'm immediately heading out afterwards to start the entire process. I've got my documents/name change petition forms ready to go, and I'm thrilled to finally get this aspect of it over with. I'm beyond ready to be legally and officially known as Anna Claire Foster. (Note to self: DO NOT FORGET ... LETTER FROM ENDO IS IMPORTANT, ANNA. DUH.)

Which, speaking of that, excited about going back to Little Rock this Wednesday. I'm ecstatic about stepping up the process and getting things moving quicker. I'm hearing now that it's supposed to storm that evening, too. I don't like driving in heavy strabismus condition makes it difficult. Send good vibes for an easy trip home, please. Thanks!

Well, I guess that's it until Wednesday. I'll try to do an update that night detailing my doctor visit. Take care, everyone! Be good! <3

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