The Good Classmate

16 March

A friend of mine from high school (whom I still see from time to time in the store), came in today to see me - checking up on me to see how things were going and whatnot. I hope my voice change wasn't too startling for her. It seriously has changed a LOT over the last three months. Vocal therapy has been incredible. But anyway...

Hattie, thanks for dropping in! That kind of stuff just melts my heart. Glad I have you as a friend. :)

As far as an update goes on physical aspects, the chest area is getting crazy tender and sore now. Niplets (that's what I'm calling them since they're not fully developed yet.. LOLs) are incredibly sensitive, and I can feel the tissue developing behind them. Oh, mammaries. :P

And as a friend pointed out on a recent Facebook post, the texture of skin on my face has changed a bit. I've gotten shinier, but not in a glossy kind of way. My pores have shrunk so much that my face doesn't get anywhere near as oily as it did two months ago. I mean, here I am writing out this blog post at 6:40pm, and my face is still fairly dry. Before HRT, my face would be so oily by midday. Not anymore, though. It's crazy. But I love it! <3

I can't remember if I've mentioned that my strength loss has become more prominent, but yeah...big time. I've noticed that things I typically lift at work - for instance, a 30 pound box of candle wax - is a struggle to lift with ease now. It's interesting. I don't mind it, though. I've never looked at myself as a physically strong person anyway. :P

I suppose that will be all for today. Hope everyone has had a great day! Be good!

(Oh, and SF, misogyny isn't a good color on you. You shouldn't wear it.)

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