Relay Race, Go! *EOTWP*

07 March

T.C. and I have spent our entire day off watching the Final Fantasy IV•V•VI Relay Race on It's been fun! Those were three of my favorite games when I was a kid. But anyway, on to the update!

MY BOOBS ARE SO SORE, YOU GUYS. Seriously. Things are swirling about inside there now. The tissue in my chest area has become so soft and squishy, and a couple of days ago, it started getting tender and sore. The slightest touch on the nipple area is so bothersome. I'm assuming this is what it feels like (sort of) for girls when they're on their period, right? I totally feel for the cis-female populace. Ouch.

Changes in my face? Do you see them? I'm starting to, yup. My upper cheekbone areas are filling in now - especially closer in toward my nose, and my lips/mouth area is becoming a bit more feminine in appearance as well. My pores have decreased in size considerably...mainly in my cheeks...and my skin has gotten a lot smoother on my arms. Still awaiting the days when muscle definition starts melting away. Go away nasty masculine muscles. I DON'T LIKE YOU. SHOO!

Several days ago, a really sweet cashier girl at the supermarket questioned why I have such a soft voice.

Girl: Oh my. You have such a soft-spoken voice, you know?
Me: Heh, yeah. I'm a really peculiar human being, you could say.
Girl: Do you act in theatre? Is that why it's different?
Me: Nope. I've been doing vocal therapy exercises to modify the pitch of my voice... to sound more feminine.
Girl: Ooooooh....
Me: Yeah. I'm....transgender. (an older couple behind me in line looks at me in shock)
Girl: Oh! *big, happy smile*
*a fellow co-worker of hers interrupts the conversation while she continues ringing up my items...she then finishes up...*
Girl: Well, good luck on your journey! I wish you the best!
Me: Thank you! I really appreciate it.

Anyway, I guess the point of that little story is that I truly appreciate those around me that are understanding toward differing individuals. It warmed my heart to know that this girl, whom I've never met in my entire life, understood and appreciated me as a normal human being - and didn't treat me any differently because of it. The world needs more of her. Anything to drown out the extreme religious and political right. :)

I suppose that's it for this week's end of the week progress post. I might have a voice update in the next few days. Voice sounds considerably different from a few weeks ago! You'll be surprised! :)

Until next time... be good! <3

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