Photo Frame Poop & More *EOTWP*

14 March

Decided to show my own hair since it's starting to get really shaggy (I can pull it down over my ears now!) Also, ignore my lazy eye. That's British syndrome stuff. LOLs.

Laser session went well, though, by the end of yesterday, my face was still rough sandpaper in parts. At least it's growing in at a much slower pace. It just won't go away on my chin and upper lip. GO AWAY. :'( I really need to do my eyebrows again. Speaking of, those are starting to grow in fuller now. Yay!

So, had my big coming out Facebook post on my old, dormant profile yesterday. And I got some truly wonderful and beautiful comments from quite a few incredibly marvelous people. Thank you so much. My family needs to see others share in their positivity toward full acceptance and what love truly means. It encompasses so much, really. <3 you all.

And work was, without a doubt, magically terrible today/tonight. Seriously, someone pooped in the photo frames area of the store. ON THE SALES FLOOR. Welcome to northeast Arkansas, I suppose.

I go back for my first check-up on the 25th of this month - a little under two weeks to go. I'm super excited and ready to see where my estrogen/testosterone levels are at. Needless to say, I'm psyched about having my dosage increased. GIVE ME ALL THE ESTROGENS. NOW. RAAAAWR.

Whoa, easy there, Anna. See ya, space cowboys. :)

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