Kitty Says No!

05 March

So, my actual getting longer. This is probably the longest it's been since, oh, maybe age 16? Yeah, probably around that time. But hormones are making it softer. Way softer, seriously. And speaking of softer texture, my skin is getting a smoother feel now, too. The texture/look of it hasn't really changed much yet, but you can definitely feel that it's softer now - mainly on my arms, however.

Kitty paws on snowy balcony are totally adorable. T.C.'s first step into the snow was extremely hysterical. He put one paw down for about a second, lifted it up and kept it there for a few seconds to think about what he had just done, and then he just went for it. It didn't last long, though. :P The paw prints you see are basically the extent of his travels. Haha.

Quick post today, I suppose. There's about 8 inches of snow out there on the ground, and I've got a HUGE snow drift sitting behind my car. No clue how I'm going to get out of this parking lot to go to work in just a bit. And speaking of... I need to go get ready now!

See ya, space cowboys (and girls!) Be good! :)

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