Don't Get Sick, Don't Get Sick! *EOTWP*

20 March

Customer at work today approached me from behind halfway down an aisle to ask a question...
Lady: Excuse me, ma'am?
Me: *turns around*
Lady: Oh, sir! I am SO sorry!
Me: No no, it's perfectly fine! 'Ma'am' is okay! I accept it! *big smile*
Lady: Oh, no..I am so very sorry.
Me: Don't be. What can I help you with? *still grinning*

Hearing this thrilled me to infinity and beyond. You have no idea. When Dex came back over a few minutes later, he wondered why I was so ecstatic and bouncy. I was giggling and smiling from ear to ear. Super happy. I'm not sure if it's just my overall presence has changed, or what, but I apparently gave off a female physical presence from behind to this particular customer today at work. She was even more confused as she started hearing me speak. I love it. Haha.

My throat also started feeling a small bit tingly and achy this morning when I woke up. My immediate reaction was, "No no no no no no! I CANNOT be getting sick before my check-up next week in Little Rock. NO!" But yeah. I think it might have been my boss who passed it to me, as he coughed on some papers he handed to me yesterday before leaving. I didn't realize it until I got in my car to set the papers aside. I just passed it I have a fairly strong immune system. I honestly haven't been sick or ill in about 5 years. Maybe I'm overdue for a cold. NO THANKS.

So, as I've told a few of the girls (and Dex) that I'm close to... I, ummm... have boobs now. Errr...well, the beginning stages of outward growth, anyway. A small curvature has developed (bigger on the right side), and you can definitely tell it when I'm just wearing a thin t-shirt. Yikes. Looks like it won't be too much longer until I can no longer do "boy mode" at work anymore. I wholeheartedly welcome it. I can't wait any longer, really. Exciting, definitely!

That's it for now, though. Be good, everyone! See ya! <3

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