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27 March

I hit my full two months mark on Wednesday this week. And my check-up with Dr. Cathey in Little Rock went well, too. She figured my estrogen value would be at 90 after two months, but results showed I was sitting pretty at 103! Blood work test also showed that my testosterone level has dropped immensely. Standard range for males (depending on masculinity) is anywhere between 260 to 1,000. Mine now? 35.9. :) GO AWAY DIRTY TESTOSTERONE. I LOATHE YOU.

My doctor doubled my estradiol dosage going forward for the next two months, and also started me on finasteride as well. Yay. Finally, and hopefully, these dormant hair follicles of mine will start regrowing. Ready to have all of my hair back. She kept my spironolactone dosage the same - since my testosterone level had dropped so fast...there wasn't really a need to bring up that dosage.

Name change progress? I submitted my legal name and gender marker change petition yesterday. I'll get to see a judge Monday, 9 a.m. to finalise it. Super excited about getting that aspect of this over with. I've got to change my work schedule for Monday a bit to accommodate it, and hopefully I'll have time after seeing a judge to go get all of my legal documentation updated, too (driver's license, birth certificate, social security card.)

So, with this being two months now (and me being two days in to week 9 now), I thought I'd post a transition monthly progress update. Like so:

Every month, I'll update this progress, too. And I'll keep it going until changes fully stop a few years from now.

Hopefully, if everything goes over smoothly, I will officially and legally be Anna Foster on Monday! Take care, everyone! Love you all! <3

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