A C Cup and More

31 March

I am Anna...hear me RAWR. Errr... more like meow, at this point. My voice is crazy soft, but sounding so much more feminine now. I do need to work on the projecting it aspect. I'll get there in due time.

And yeah, I'm showing off my cute little tush in that second photo. WHAT DO. :P Anyway, on a serious note...

Yay! I'm officially and legally Anna Claire Foster now!! HOLY MEATBALL SUBSANDWICH! I'm beyond thrilled about this all (despite the judge yesterday morning making things a bit of a hassle for me initially), and today I took care of my gender marker on my driver's license. Yay for being female! And double yay for my friend and previous co-worker, Veronica for helping set that up - and you, too, Preston, for the email that aided in making that possible! (Sorry for being impatient, Andrea! I REALLY wanted to go ahead and get it done this morning as soon as I could, and I didn't want to rush you in to Jonesboro just for that.) I'm a big girl. I got this.

So, not only was my name legally changed yesterday, but I also began living authentically as the real me. I can't even begin to describe to you guys how this feels. Relief. Peacefulness. Happiness. Exhilaration. Glee. Jubilation. Just a few words there, you know? I mean it with every ounce of my being when I say I finally feel alive. Because I do. It's an incredible feeling knowing I'm living life the way I should have always been living it to begin with. I don't feel like I'm in a dark enclosed cave gasping for the last bits of air to keep what was left of my humanity, alive. No no...now, it's different. Now the sky is bright blue, the sun is shining, and the wind feels incredible for once. (Note to self: girl, get your AC in your car fixed ASAP...it's hot as Hades in there.) I. Feel. Alive.

You could literally put me in a Mentos commercial, and it'd be the absolute BEST Mentos commercial EVER. Seriously. That's how high on life I am now. My work ethic has improved dramatically (I love approaching and helping customers now), and I just want to get out and do everything. I don't even care what everything even is, I just want to do it (as long as it doesn't cause me bodily harm.) :P

Going forward? Well, I suppose now... that life will continue on as it always should have. I'll keep the hormone regiment up, keep you wonderful people updated in the process, and I'll keep smiling and grinning everywhere I go. And even to those who try to clumsily attempt getting me in trouble at work! Ignorance is hilarious. Seriously, R.O., it's entertaining! ;)

And on that bombshell (oh, how I miss Top Gear already), I look forward to updating you guys with this weekend's EOTWP post. Be good, everyone! Love ya! *kiss kiss*

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