You Disappoint Me, Mother Nature

16 February


So, that map. Yeah, highly frustrated with you, mother Earth. How dare you not give me an immense amount of snowfall on the first day of my vacation away from work. Actually, I'm just gonna blame this on our local weather guy, Mr. Vaughan. He always curses wintry precipitation. Blast you. :P

T.C. and I went out on the balcony to take it all in - what little that fell, that is - and T.C. didn't last too long. I'm sure his tiny paws immediately felt the ice. "Nope. Going back in, you nutty girl. Trick me to come outside? I don't think so." I heard him say this. Really.

Anyway, I love winter. It's my favorite season. And it's been quite terrible this year in this part of the nation. There was a really good cold spell back in mid-to-late November, but then temps just kind of averaged out. Too mild for my tastes. I want snow! And constant freezing temperatures! YES. Give me reasons to dress up all snuggly and cute-like. That's what I love. :)

I swear it's got to be a psychological thing and not really physically apparent yet, but I feel like I can see small, subtle changes in my face already. Probably not, but maybe it's just me feeling really good about myself. Also, this morning, I figured out why applying eyeliner is so difficult for me. Strabismus. My dual focal point problem I've always had my entire life is giving me struggles as of late. It causes depth perception problems. And when I'm right up on the mirror trying to apply eyeliner, I can't tell how close I am to my actual eyelid. It's frustrating. :P

Anyway, the Graham Norton Show is on now. See ya!

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